H1 and ZEUS talks at conferences in 2007

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Guidelines for H1 Conference Speakers

Aspen07 Aspen Winter Conference, new physics at the electroweak scale and new signals at hadron colliders
8th...13th January Aspen Center for Physics, USA
Wesley Smith (ZEUS):   QCD Experiments     (slides)  
PHOTOPROD-07 Workshop on Photoproduction at collider energies: from RHIC and HERA to LHC
15th...19th January ECT Trento, Italy
Serguei Levonian (H1):   Review of Photoproduction Results at HERA     (slides)  
Alice Valkarova (H1):   Diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
Alexandre Savin (ZEUS):   Hard Photoproduction at HERA     (slides)  
WIN07 21st International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos
15th...20th January Kolkata, India
Eram Rizvi (H1):   Electroweak Measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Amita Raval (ZEUS):   Searches for New Physics in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
LakeLouise07 Lake Louise Winter Institute 2007
19th...24th February Lake Louise, Canada
Steve Aplin (H1):   High-Q2 Cross Sections and Electroweak Studies at HERA     (slides)  
Uwe Schneekloth (ZEUS):   Searches for New Physics in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Guillaume Leibenguth (H1):   Heavy Quark Production in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Lidia Goerlich (H1):   Parton Densities and alpha_s determination in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Takahiro Matsumoto (ZEUS):   QCD Studies through Hadronic Final States at HERA     (slides)  
Alessio Bonato (ZEUS):   Diffraction and Diffractive Final State at HERA     (slides)  
C2CR07 Colliders to Cosmic Rays 2007
25th February...1st March Lake Tahoe, California
Christian Kiesling (H1):   Low-x and Forward Physics at HERA     (slides)  
LaThuile2007 Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
4th...10th March La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Aleksander Zarnecki (ZEUS):   Electroweak Studies and Searches for New Phenomena at HERA     (slides)  
Leif Joensson (H1):   Determination of the Parton Densities of the Proton and alpha_s at HERA     (slides)  
Marta Ruspa (ZEUS):   Diffractive Parton Densities and Factorisation Tests     (slides)  
DPG2007 DPG Fruehjahrstagung Teilchenphysik
5th...9th March Heidelberg
Andre Schoening (H1):   Elektroschwache Physik (HERA und Tevatron)     (slides)  
Victor Lendermann (H1):   Protonstruktur und low x Physik     (slides)  
12th...16th March DESY, Hamburg
MoriondEW2007 42nd Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
10th...17th March La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Stefan Schmitt (H1):   Electroweak Studies and Searches in Inclusive High-Q2 ep Collisions     (slides)  
James Ferrando (ZEUS):   Searches for New Physics with Exclusive Final States at HERA     (slides)  
MoriondQCD2007 42nd Rencontres de Moriond on QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions
17th...24th March La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Syed Umer Noor (ZEUS):   Proton Structure Functions at High Q2 and High x at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Tom Danielson (ZEUS):   Study of QCD Dynamics at low x in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Tomas Hreus (H1):   Inclusive and Exclusive Diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
Silvia Miglioranzi (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavour Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Carsten Schmitz (H1):   Hadronic Final States and Spectroscopy in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Martin Wessels (H1):   Generic Analysis of High-PT Processes at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
SMALLX07 6th Small x and Diffraction Workshop
28th...31st March Fermilab, Chicago
Bernd Loehr (ZEUS):   ZEUS measurements on inclusive diffraction     (slides)  
Marta Ruspa (ZEUS):   Tests of factorisation in diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
Nik Berger (H1):   Vector mesons and DVCS at HERA     (slides)  
Lorenzo Rinaldi (ZEUS):   Leading Baryon Production in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Ewelina Lobodzinska (ZEUS):   Status and Plans for inclusive F2 and FL measurements     (slides)  
Luca Stanco (ZEUS):   Multijet Production in low-x Regime at HERA     (slides)  
Jose Repond (ZEUS):   High-ET Jet Production and alpha_s at HERA     (slides)  
DIS2007 15th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and related subjects
16th...20th April Munich, Germany

Session: Plenaries
Cristi Diaconu (H1):   H1 Results     (slides)  

Session: Structure Functions at large and small-x
Andrea Vargas (H1):   F2 shifted vertex and minimum bias     (slides)  
Natasa Raicevic (H1):   High y analysis at low Q2     (slides)  

Session: Diffraction and Exclusive Processes
Paul Thompson (H1):   Diffractive Charm     (slides)  
Matthias Mozer (H1):   Diffractive Dijets     (slides)  
Laurent Schoeffel (H1):   DVCS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Laurent Favart (H1):   Status of the H1 VFPS     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Electroweak Measurements and BSM
Ytsen DeBoer (H1):   Isolated Leptons with missing transverse momentum     (slides)  
Gerhard Brandt (H1):   Multileptons Production     (slides)  
Nguyet Trinh (H1):   Search for Excited Leptons     (slides)     (writeup)  
Emmanuel Sauvan (H1):   A General Search for New Phenomena     (slides)     (writeup)  
Ana Dubak (H1):   Search for (LFV) Leptoquarks     (slides)  
Li Gang (H1):   Combined Electroweak QCD Fits     (slides)  
Sascha Caron :   QUAERO@H1     (slides)  

Session: Hadronic Final States and QCD
Katharina Mueller (H1):   Prompt Photons     (slides)  
Thomas Kluge (H1):   Inclusive Jet Production in high-Q2 DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Artem Baghdasaryan (H1):   Inclusive Jet Production in low-Q2 DIS     (slides)  
Sakar Osman (H1):   Minijet Production in DIS     (slides)  
Marc Del Degan (H1):   Xi-pi Baryon Search     (slides)  
Grazina Nowak (H1):   3-jet Production in DIS     (slides)  
Thomas Kluge (H1):   Summary of H1 Results on the Strong Coupling from Inclusive and Final States     (writeup)  
Claudia Glasman (ZEUS):   Summary of alpha_s determinations at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Heavy Flavour Physics
Katerina Lipka (H1):   Charm Production in DIS     (slides)  
Sebastian Schmidt (H1):   Charm Production with Jets     (slides)  
Michael Steder (H1):   Inelastic J/Psi Production in DIS     (slides)  

Session: Plenary
Massimo Corradi (ZEUS):   ZEUS overview     (slides)  

Session: Diffraction and Vector Mesons
Jaroslaw Lukasik (ZEUS):   Measurements of diffractive structure functions by the LRG method and using the leading proton spectrometer at ZEUS     (slides)  
Bernd Loehr (ZEUS):   Measurements of diffractive structure functions by the Mx method at ZEUS     (slides)  
Yuji Yamazaki (ZEUS):   Jet production in diffractive DIS and photoproduction at ZEUS     (slides)  
Aharon Levy (ZEUS):   Vector meson production in diffractive ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
William Schmidke (ZEUS):   Leading baryon production at ZEUS     (slides)  

Session: Diffraction and Vector Mesons & Heavy Flavours joint session
Isabell Melzer (ZEUS):   Charm production in diffractive DIS and photoproduction at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Structure function and low-x
Sampa Bhadra (ZEUS):   Neutral current cross sections from polarised e-p collisions at ZEUS     (slides)  
Shima Shimizu (ZEUS):   Measurement of structure function at high-y using the ZEUS detector     (slides)  

Session: Electroweak Measurement (including top) and Beyond the Standard Model
Osamu Ota (ZEUS):   Dilepton production in ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)  
Katherine Korcsak-Gorzo (ZEUS):   Isolated high-pT leptons in ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)  
Stefan Schlenstedt (ZEUS):   Contact interactions     (slides)  

Session: Hadronic final state QCD
Alexandre Savin (ZEUS):   Multijets and jets with rapidity gap in PHP     (slides)  
Hanno Perrey (ZEUS):   High-Et dijet in PHP     (slides)  
Sergei Chekanov (ZEUS):   Measurement of prompt photons with associated jets in photoproduction in ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (ZEUS):   Inclusive jets, dijets, jet radius dependence cross sections in DIS and alpha_s determination at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Homer Wolfe (ZEUS):   Jets in charged current DIS from polarized ep-collisions at ZEUS     (slides)  
Elias Ron (ZEUS):   Subjet distributions and three jets angular correlations in DIS at ZEUS     (slides)  
Sergei Chekanov (ZEUS):   Observation of (anti-)deuterons in DIS in ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Beata Brzozowska (ZEUS):   Fragmentation functions, scaling violation and azimuthal asymmetry of hadrons in DIS with the ZEUS detector     (slides)  
Boris Levchenko (ZEUS):   Measurements of K0s, Lambda and Bose-Einstein correlation between Kaons in DIS at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Lev Khein (ZEUS):   Forward jet production DIS at ZEUS     (slides)  
Tom Danielson (ZEUS):   Low-x multijets in DIS in ep collisions at ZEUS     (slides)  

Session: Heavy Flavour
Hartmut Stadie (ZEUS):   DIS charm cross sections through D* and D meson tagging by the ZEUS detector     (slides)  
Dan Nicholass (ZEUS):   D+ cross sections in DIS using the ZEUS Micro Vertex Detector     (slides)  
Shuangshi Fang (ZEUS):   Excited D meson production and charm fragmentation function in photoproduction at ZEUS     (slides)  
Benjamin Kahle (ZEUS):   F2b from the ZEUS HERA-II data     (slides)  
PHENO07 2007 Phenomenology Symposium
7th...9th May University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Bob Olivier (H1):   Searches for New Physics at HERA     (slides)  
FPCP07 5th Flavor Physics and CP Violation Conference
12th...16th May Bled, Slovenia
HCP2007 Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2007
20th...26th May La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy
Emmanuel Sauvan (H1):   Searches for New Physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Kunihiro Nagano (ZEUS):   Electroweak Measurements from HERA     (slides)  
Paul Newman (H1):   New Diffraction Results from HERA and TEVATRON     (slides)  
Juan Terron (ZEUS):   QCD at HERA     (slides)  
BLOIS07 12th International Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering, Forward Physics and QCD
21st...25th May DESY Hamburg, Germany
Paul Laycock (H1):   Diffractive PDF's     (slides)  
Alessio Bonato (ZEUS):   Factorisation Breaking in Diffraction     (slides)  
Aharon Levy (ZEUS):   Vector Meson and DVCS at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Jan Kretzschmar (H1):   Low Q2 Structure Functions     (slides)  
Tim Namsoo (ZEUS):   Multiple Interactions     (slides)     (writeup)  
4SEAS07 5th Four Seas Conference
29th May...3rd June Iasi, Romania
Achim Geiser (ZEUS):   HERA Results     (slides)  
Cristi Diaconu (H1):   Searches at Colliders     (slides)  
BARYONS07 11th International Baryons Conference
11th...15th June Seoul, Korea
Marc Del Degan (H1):   Exotic Baryon Production in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Takahiro Matsumoto (ZEUS):   Heavy Stable Particle Production at HERA     (slides)  
Burkhard Reisert (ZEUS):   Measurement of the proton Structure at low-x in the low-Q2 regime in Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Laurent Favart (H1):   Diffraction and Quasi-Elastic Vector Meson Production at HERA     (slides)  
PIC07 International Symposium on Physics in Collision
26th...29th June Annecy, France
Sasha Glazov (H1):   PDF Results from HERA     (slides)  
Laurent Schoeffel (H1):   QCD Analysis of Diffractive Processes     (slides)     (writeup)  
Iris Abt (ZEUS):   Electroweak Physics at Highest Q2     (slides)  
Nguyet Trinh (H1):   Searches for New Physics by the H1 Experiment at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
PASCOS-07 13th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology
2nd...7th July Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Francois Corriveau (ZEUS):   Recent Results from HERA ep collisions     (slides)  
PHOTON2007 International Conference on the Structure and Interactions of the Photon
9th...13th July Paris, France
Steve Maxfield (H1):   Experimental summary     (slides)  
Alexei Petrukhin (H1):   Inclusive Proton Structure Functions (F2 and FL)     (slides)  
Peter Bussey (ZEUS):   High-ET Jets in Photoproduction     (slides)  
Guenter Grindhammer (H1):   Resolved Photons and NLO QCD at HERA     (slides)  
Sebastian Schaetzel (H1):   Inclusive Diffraction, Jets and D* at HERA     (slides)  
Sergei Kananov (ZEUS):   Vector Mesons, DVCS and Photon Wave Function from Dijet/Dipion     (slides)  
Eric Brownson (ZEUS):   Prompt Photons in DIS and Photoproduction     (slides)  
Marcos Jimenez (ZEUS):   Jets and alpha_s Measurements in DIS     (slides)  
Albert Knutsson (H1):   Multijets in Photoproduction and Multi-Parton Interactions     (slides)  
John Loizides (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavours in Photoproduction     (slides)  
Marc-Oliver Boenig (H1):   Heavy Flavours in DIS     (slides)  
Don Hochman (ZEUS):   Resonance Searches (Pentaquarks) and Particle Production (K0, lambda) in DIS and Photoproduction     (slides)  
Bruno Stella (H1):   HERA Electroweak Measurements     (slides)  
Emmanuelle Perez (CERN):   Proton PDF QCD fits     (slides)  
Laurent Schoeffel (H1):   Review of diffraction at HERA and Tevatron     (writeup)  
EPS-HEP2007 International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
19th...25th July Manchester, United Kingdom

Session: Plenaries
Olaf Behnke (H1):   Experimental Tests of QCD     (slides)  

Session: Beyond Standard Model
Jola Sztuk (ZEUS):   Multilepton Production at HERA and H++     (slides)  
Dave South (H1):   Isolated Leptons and Missing ET at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Ringaile Placakyte (H1)):   Leptoquarks and Contact Interactions at HERA     (slides)  
Andre Schoening (H1):   H1 Generic Analysis of HERA II data     (slides)  
Emmanuel Sauvan (H1):   Excited Fermions at H1     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Joint EW/Strong Interactions
Zhiqing Zhang (H1):   Electroweak Results from HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Strong Interactions
Maxime Gouzevitch (H1):   Inclusive Jet and Dijet Production at HERA     (slides)  
Mara Soares (ZEUS):   Multijet Production at HERA     (slides)  
Guenter Grindhammer (H1):   Forward Jet Production at HERA     (slides)  
Claudia Glasman (ZEUS):   Alpha_s Measurements from HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Robert Ciesielski (ZEUS):   H1 and ZEUS Combined NC and CC Cross-Sections     (slides)  
Roman Walczak (ZEUS):   Hadron Production in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Dan Traynor (H1):   Inclusive Properties of Hadronic Final States at HERA     (slides)  
Jaroslaw Lukasik (ZEUS):   Inclusive Diffraction in DIS     (slides)  
Matthias Mozer (H1):   QCD Factorisation in Diffraction     (slides)  
Igor Rubinskiy (ZEUS):   Exclusive Processes in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Dima Ozerov (H1):   Search for Baryonic Resonances     (slides)     (writeup)  
Juan Terron (ZEUS):   Jet Substructure in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Ueli Straumann (H1):   Prompt Photon Production at HERA     (slides)  
Carsten Niebuhr (H1):   Charm Production at HERA (H1 results)     (slides)  
Paolo Bellan (ZEUS):   Charm Production at HERA (ZEUS results)     (slides)  
Monica Turcato (ZEUS):   F2cc from ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Paul Thompson (H1):   Beauty Production at HERA (H1 results)     (slides)  
Ana Yagues (ZEUS):   Beauty Production at HERA (ZEUS results)     (slides)  
Natasa Raicevic (H1):   Neutral Current DIS (H1 results)     (slides)  
Daniel Kollar (ZEUS):   Neutral Current DIS (ZEUS results)     (slides)  
SUSY07 15th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions
26th July...1st August Karlsruhe, Germany

Session: Colliders SUSY
Judith Katzy (H1):   HERA results on Leptoquarks, Isolated Leptons and Multileptons     (slides)  

Session: Alternatives
Peter Schleper (ZEUS):   Non-SUSY Searches at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
ISMD07 International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
4th...9th August LBNL, Berkeley, USA

Session: Jet Physics
Nicola Coppola (ZEUS):   High-PT Jets in DIS and Photoproduction at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Heavy Flavours
Katja Krueger (H1):   Heavy Flavour Production in ep Collisions     (slides)  

Session: Small x and Diffraction
Alessandro Polini (ZEUS):   Low x QCD Dynamics probed by Multijets at HERA     (slides)  
William Schmidke (ZEUS):   Diffractive Inclusive and Jets Cross Sections at HERA     (slides)  
Hannes Jung (H1):   Vector Meson and DVCS Cross Sections at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Fluctuations and Correlations
Anna Galas (ZEUS):   Particle Production in DIS and Photoproduction from ep Collisions     (slides)  
LP07 23rd International Symposium on Lepton-Photon Interactions at High Energy
13th...18th August Daegu, Republic of Korea
Claude Vallee (H1):   Searches for Exotic Phenomena at Colliders     (slides)  
Claire Gwenlan (ZEUS):   Deep Inelastic Scattering     (slides)  
Andrei Rostovtsev (H1):   Diffraction and Vector Meson Production     (slides)  
Markus Diehl (DESY-Theory):   Implications from HERA for LHC physics     (slides)  
LOMONOSOV07 13th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics
23rd...29th August Moscow, Russia
Vladimir Chekelian (H1):   Review of the results of the electron-proton Collider HERA     (slides)  
Lowx2007 Low x Meeting
29th August...1st September Helsinki, Finland
Xavier Janssen (H1):   Factorisation Tests through Inclusive Diffraction and Diffractive Final States in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Ori Smith (ZEUS):   Vector Mesons and DVCS at HERA     (slides)  
Lorenzo Rinaldi (ZEUS):   Leading Baryon Production in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Joel Feltesse (H1):   Inclusive F2 at low-x and FL Measurement at HERA     (slides)  
Pierre VanMechelen (H1):   Forward Jet Production and BFKL Dynamics at HERA     (slides)  
Thomas Schoerner Sadenius (ZEUS):   Multiparton Interactions in Photoproduction and DIS     (slides)  
Markus Juengst (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavour Production in ep Collisions     (slides)  
Thomas Kluge (H1):   High-ET Jets and PDF's at HERA     (slides)  
CHEP07 International Conference on Computing in High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics
2nd...7th September Victoria, Canada
HS07 Hadron Structure 2007
3rd...7th September Modra-Harmonia, Slovakia

Session: Plenaries
Juraj Bracinik (H1):   Physics with ep Collisions with highest Q2 and PT     (slides)  
Mandy Cooper Sarkar (ZEUS):   Structure of the Proton probed by inclusive and exclusive cross sections in ep Collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
Mikhail Kapishine (H1):   Diffraction and Vector Meson Production at HERA     (slides)  

Session: Parallel
Jozef Ferencei (H1):   Low-x Dynamics through Jet Studies     (slides)  
Sarah Boutle (ZEUS):   Heavy Quark Production at HERA     (slides)  
Teresa Tymieniecka (ZEUS):   Fragmentation and Particle Production in DIS and Photoproduction     (slides)     (writeup)  
HEP-MAD07 3rd High-Energy Physics Conference in Madagascar
10th...15th September Antananarivo, Madagascar
Vincent Boudry (H1):   Results from the electron-proton Collider HERA     (slides)  
CRIMEA-2007 New Trends in High Energy Physics
15th...22nd September Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Alessandro Montanari (ZEUS):   Searches for New Phenomena and Electroweak Measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Armen Buniatyan (H1):   QCD results at HERA     (slides)  
HADRON07 International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
8th...13th October Frascati, Italy

Session: Plenaries
Chris Grab (H1):   Hadron Spectroscopy in ep Collisions     (slides)  

Session: Parallels
Karin Daum (H1):   Baryon, heavy stable particle and strange meson production in ep collisions     (slides)  
Dmitri Gladkov (ZEUS):   Charmonium at HERA     (slides)  
IWHQ07 International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium 2007
17th...20th October DESY, Hamburg
Michael Steder (H1):   Inelastic J/Psi production at H1     (slides)  

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