The Backward Drift Chamber has been constructed and installed as a part of  the 1995 upgrade of the H1 Detector. The main goal of this upgrade was to improve the ability to investigate ep events at low values of Q^2 and Björken-x.

The BDC consists of 8 layers in z-direction. In phi, each layer is divided into 8 sectors. Each sector consists of 32 drift cells. Thus, the readout consists of 8*8*32=2048 channels, all of which are read out digitally, whereas  8 wires in a layer with constant r are summed into one analog channel.

Experts on Call

BDC-Cityphone:  0168-455202604
 Oncall List

The following list shows experts currently involved in the BDC maintenance:

Name E-Mail Office / Phone Home phone
Nicolas Keller 1c/353 / x4589
Frank-Peter Schilling 1c/353 / x4589
Rainer Wallny ZEUT/ 6162-304 or 
1c/351 / x3856 or
1d/28a / x4598 
Jan Becker 1a/222 / x2713

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A BDC octant (sector) with inner (top) and outer driftcells 
One of two BDC packets with four double-layers of four sectors each 
Lower BDC packet mounted on the SPACAL 



Simulation and Reconstruction



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