H1 and ZEUS talks at conferences in 2011

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Guidelines for H1 Conference Speakers

ICPP2011 2nd International Conference On Particle Physics
24.01.2011 - 28.01.2011 Istanbul, Turkey
LHSQCD2011 Winter Workshop on Recent QCD Advances at the LHC
13.02.2011 - 18.02.2011 Les Houches, Savoie, France
LLWI2011 Lake Louise Winter Institute
20.02.2011 - 26.02.2011 Lake Louise
Enrico Tassi (ZEUS):   Structure function measurements at HERA and their impact for LHC     (slides)  
Krzysztof Nowak (H1):   Precise QCD measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Verena Schoenberg (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavour Results from HERA     (slides)  
MOREW2011 Rencontres de Moriond: EW Interactions and Unified theories
13.03.2011 - 20.03.2011 La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
MORQCD2011 Rencontres de Moriond: QCD and High Energy Interactions
20.03.2011 - 27.03.2011 La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Voica Radescu (H1):   Structure functions measurements at HERA and their impact for LHC     (slides)     (writeup)  
Igor Rubinski (ZEUS):   Final states and diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
BEAUTY2011 13th International Conference On B-Physics At Hadron Machines
02.04.2011 - 08.04.2011 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michel Sauter (H1):   Heavy quark production at HERA (20 min)     (slides)     (writeup)  
IOP2011 IOP Nuclear and Particle Physics Divisional Conference
04.04.2011 -07.04.2011 Glasgow, UK
DIS2011 XIX International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects
10.04.2011 - 15.04.2011 Newport News, Virginia, USA

Session: Plenary
Achim Geiser (ZEUS/H1) :   QCD in High pT Hadronic Final States in ep Interactions by H1 and ZEUS     (slides)  
Alexander Glazov (H1/ZEUS) :   Precision Measurements of the Proton Structure by H1 and ZEUS     (slides)  

Session: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
Jolanta Sztuk-Dambietz (ZEUS/H1):   Combined Measurements of Neutral and Charged Current Cross Sections at HERA     (slides)  
Allen Caldwell (ZEUS/H1):   PDF fits including HERA-II high Q^2 data     (slides)  
Ringaile Placakyte (H1):   QCD Analysis of Combined H1 and ZEUS F2c Data     (slides)  
Krysztof Nowak (H1):   QCD analysis with determination of alpha_s based on HERA inclusive and jet data.     (slides)     (writeup)  
Alexey Petrukhin (H1):   Measurement of the Inclusive ep^{+-} Scattering Cross Section at High Inelasticity y and of the Structure Function FL     (slides)  
Prabhdip Kaur (ZEUS):   Measurement of inclusive ep scatterinmg cross sections and the longitudinal proton structure function  
Alexandre Glazov (H1):   Study on PDFs parametrization     (slides)  

Session: Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
Gerhard Brandt (H1):   Search for Squarks in R-parity Violating Supersymmetry in ep Collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Hayk Pirumov (H1):   Search for Contact Interactions at HERA     (slides)  
David South (H1):   Search for Lepton Flavor Violation at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Elisabetta Gallo (ZEUS):   Study of Tau-Pair Production at HERA     (slides)  
(ZEUS):   Search for Single-Top Production in ep Collisions at HERA  
Stewart Trevor (ZEUS):   Charged Current and Neutral Current Cross Sections at HERA     (slides)  
Inderpal Singh (ZEUS):   Measurement of ep Neutral Current Cross Sections at high Bjorken-x at HERA     (slides)  

Session: Heavy Flavors
Paul Thompson (H1):   Measurement of Charm and Beauty Jets in Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Andreas Jung (H1):   Dstar production at low Q2 (in an extended phase space)     (slides)     (writeup)  
Michel Sauter (H1):   Measurement of the photoproduction of b-quarks at threshold at HERA     (slides)  
Andrii Verbytskyi (ZEUS):   Production of Excited Charm Mesons at HERA     (slides)  
Ramoona Shehzadi (ZEUS):   Measurement of Beauty Production in DIS at HERA using Decays into Electrons     (slides)  
Vladyslav Libov (ZEUS):   Charm and Beauty in DIS at HERA with Inclusive Secondary Vertex     (slides)  
Ian Brock (ZEUS):   Measurement of Heavy Quark Jet Photoproduction at HERA     (slides)  
Alessandro Bertolin (ZEUS):   Inelastic J/Psi Photoproduction at HERA  

Session: Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons
Richard Polifka (H1):   Measurement of the Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering Cross Section with a Leading Proton at HERA     (slides)  
Vitaly Dodonov (H1):   Forward neutron PT distributions and forward photon spectra measured in FNC     (slides)  
Florian Huber (H1):   Exclusive diffractive J/psi production at low W_gammap with the H1 detector at HERA     (slides)  
Julie Delvax (H1):   Dijet production in diffractive deep inelastic scattering using VFPS at HERA     (slides)  
Valentina Sola (ZEUS/H1):   Combined Measurement of the Inclusive Diffractive Cross Sections at HERA  
Vladimir Drugakov (ZEUS):   Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA  
Grzegorz Grzelak (ZEUS):   Measurement of the t-Dependence in Exclusive Photoproduction of Upsilon Mesons at HERA     (slides)  
Vladimir Aushev (ZEUS):   Exclusive Electroproduction of Two Pions at HERA     (slides)  

Session: QCD and Hadronic Final States
Izabela Milcewicz (H1):   Measurement of the Azimuthal Correlation between the Scattered Electron and the most Forward Jet in Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Roman Kogler (H1):   Measurement of Multijet Production in Deep-Inelastic ep Scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Ryuma Hori (ZEUS+H1):   Particle production at HERA (including strangeness)     (slides)  
Anastasia Grebenyuk (H1):   Transverse Momentum Spectra of Charged Particles at low Q^2     (slides)  
Inna Makarenko (ZEUS):   Inclusive Jets in Photoproduction at HERA     (slides)  
Denys Lontkovskyi (ZEUS):   Inclusive Jets in NC DIS at HERA     (slides)  
Oleg Kuprash (ZEUS):   Dijet Cross Sections in Neutral Current DIS and Photoproduction at HERA     (slides)  
Nataliia Zhmak (ZEUS):   Prompt Photon + Jet Production in Neutral Current DIS at HERA     (slides)  
(ZEUS):   Measurement of the Energy Dependence of the Total Photon-Proton Cross Section  
Quarkonium2011 Quarkonium Production Probing QCD at the LHC
18.04.2011 -21.04.2011 Vienna, Austria
PHENO2011 PHENO 2011 Symposium
09.05.2011 - 11.05.2011 Madison. Wisconsin, USA
NSTAR2011 8th International Workshop On The Physics Of Excited Nucleons
17.05.2011 - 20.05.2011 Newport News, Virginia, USA
Photon2011 International Conference On The Structure And Interactions Of The Photon And 19th International Workshop On Photon-Photon Collisions
22.05.2011 - 27.05.2011 Spa, Belgium
Orel Gueta (ZEUS):   Energy dependence of the total photoproduction cross section     (slides)  
Friederike Januschek (ZEUS):   EW physics and searches at HERA     (slides)  
Sergey Kananov (ZEUS):   VM production at HERA     (slides)  
Henri Kowalski (ZEUS):   Inclusive diffraction     (slides)  
Junpei Maeda (ZEUS):   Searches in high energy ep collisions     (slides)  
Eram Rizvi (H1):   Proton Structure Functions determination at HERA     (slides)  
Zlatka Staykova (H1):   Beauty and Charm Production at HERA     (slides)  
Vitaly Dodonov (H1) :   Forward neutrons and photons at HERA,     (slides)  
Trong Hieu Tran (H1) :   Physics at high Q2 at HERA     (slides)  
Krzysztof Nowak (H1) :   QCD measurements with jets and alpha_s determination based on HERA data     (slides)     (writeup)  
Blois2011 Rencontre de Blois
29.05.2011 - 03.06.2011 Chateau Royal de Blois, France
Julia Grebenyuk (ZEUS):   Structure functions from HERA to LHC     (slides)  
Carsten Niebuhr (H1):   Heavu Flavor Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
LOWX2011 Low x workshop on deep inelastic scattering, diffraction, final states and related subject
02.06.2011 - 07.06.2011 Santiago de Compostela, Galice, Spain
Mandy Cooper-Sarkar (ZEUS):   QCD analysis with determination of alphas based on HERA inclusive and jet data     (slides)     (writeup)  
Robin Devenish (ZEUS):   Inclusive and multijet production in DIs and PHP at HERA     (slides)  
Vladimir Drugakov (ZEUS):   Measurement of the energy dependence of the total photoproduction cross section     (slides)  
Bernd Loehr (ZEUS) :   Inclusive diffraction measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Philipp Roloff (ZEUS):   Combined measurement of the charm cross sections and their impact for PDFs at LHC     (slides)  
Alice Valkarova (H1):   Factorisation in diffractive photoproduction at HERA     (slides)  
Voica Radescu (H1):   Combined Measurements and PDF fits including HERA-II high Q2 data     (slides)  
Alexey Petrukhin (H1):   Measurement of the Inclusive ep Scattering Cross Section at High Inelasticity y     (slides)     (writeup)  
Martin Brinkmann (H1):   Beauty Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Florian Huber (H1):   Vector meson production at HERA     (slides)  
Richard Polifka (H1):   Measurements of jets in diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
Armen Buniatyan (H1):   Measurements of phenomena with forward neutrons at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Anastasia Grebenyuk (H1):   Particle production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
PLHC2011 Physics at the LHC 2011
06.06.2011 - 11.06.2011 Perugia, Italy
FYLHC2011 The First Year Of The LHC
06.06.2011 - 26.08.2011 (sic) Santa Barbara, California, USA
HADRON2011 The 5th joint International HADRON STRUCTURE'11 Conference
27.06.2011 - 01.07.2011 Tatranska Strba, Slovak Republic
EPS2011 International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
21.07.2011 - 27.07.2011 Grenoble, France
Halina Abramowicz (ZEUS):   Exclusive electroproduction of two pions at HERA (poster)     (slides)  
Olena Bachynska (ZEUS):   HFL Production     (slides)  
Joerg Behr (ZEUS):   Jets     (slides)  
Ricardo Brugnera (ZEUS):   J/psi     (slides)  
Peter Bussey (ZEUS):   Isolated Photons     (slides)  
Lorenzo Bellagamba (ZEUS):   Search for physics beyond the SM in ep collisions at HERA (H1+ZEUS)     (slides)  
Amanda Cooper-Sarkar (ZEUS):   HERAPDF (H1 and ZEUS)     (slides)     (writeup)  
Aharon Levy (ZEUS):   Scaled momentum spectra of identified particles (poster)     (slides)  
Aharon Levy (ZEUS):   Energy dependence of total photon-proton cross section (poster)     (slides)  
Mykhailo Lisovyi (ZEUS):   HFL Jet Production     (slides)  
Yuriy Onishchuk (ZEUS):   Excited Charm     (slides)  
Marta Ruspa (ZEUS+H1):   Combined measurement of the inclusive diffractive cross sections at HERA (poster)     (slides)  
Ramoona Shehzadi (ZEUS):   F2b in dijet+electron events (poster)     (slides)  
Ramoona Shehzadi (ZEUS):   Heavy quark jet photoproduction (poster)     (slides)  
Trevor Stewart (ZEUS):   CC at high Q2     (slides)  
Trevor Stewart (ZEUS):   NC at high Q2     (slides)  
Eram Rizvi (H1):   Combined Electroweak and QCD Fit of Inclusive Neutral and Charged Current Data with Polarized Lepton Beam     (slides)     (writeup)  
Paul Laycock (H1):   Diffractive structure functions and extraction of dPDFs     (slides)     (writeup)  
Vladimir Chekelian (H1):   Combined Measurement and QCD Analysis of the Inclusive ep Scattering Cross Section at HERA (H1 and ZEUS)     (slides)     (writeup)  
Arten Baghdasaryan (H1):   Jet Production at HERA and determination of alphas     (slides)     (writeup)  
Hayk Pirumov (H1):   Searches for new physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Shiraz Habib (H1):   High Q2 Neutral and Charged Current in polarised collisions at HERA II     (slides)     (writeup)  
Andreas Meyer (H1):   Heavy Flavor Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Richard Polifka (H1):   Diffractive deep-inelastic scattering and jet production in ep collisions at HERA II     (slides)     (writeup)  
PANIC2011 19th International Conference On Particles And Nuclei
24.07.2011 - 29.07.2011 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Valentina Sola (ZEUS):   Combined Measurement of the Inclusive Diffractive Cross Sections at HERA     (slides)  
Rik Yoshida (ZEUS+H1):   Combined HERA[H1 and ZEUS] NC and CC results     (slides)  
Guenter Grindhammer (H1):   Determination of PDFs and alphas from Inclusive and Jet Measurements in DIS at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
LP2011 Lepton Photon 2011
22.08.2011 - 27.08.2011 Mumbai, India
Prabhdeep Kaur (ZEUS):   Neutral Current Cross Section measurement at low Q2 and high y with the ZEUS detector at HERA (poster)  
Inderpal Singh (ZEUS):   Measurement of neutral current cross section at high Bjorken x with the ZEUS detector at HERA (poster)  
Katja Krueger (H1):   QCD Results from Hera and JLab     (slides)     (writeup)  
22.09.2011 - 26.09.2011 St. Andrews, Scotland
Matthew Wing (ZEUS):   Heavy quark production at HERA     (slides)  
28.08.2011 - 30.08.2011 Mumbai, India
SUSY2011 19th International Conference On Supersymmetry And Unification Of Fundamental Interactions
28.08.2011 - 02.09.2011 Batavia, Illinois, USA
PIC2011 31st International Symposium On Physics In Collision
29.08.2011 - 01.09.2011 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (ZEUS):   AlphaS measurements at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Ringaile Placakyte (H1):   Parton Distribution Functions     (slides)     (writeup)  
CRIMEA-2011 New Trends in High-Energy Physics (experiment, phenomenology, theory)
03.09.2011 - 10.09.2011 Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine
Monica Turcato (ZEUS):   HERA Physics     (slides)  
WE-Heraeus-Summerschool Summer School on "Diffractive and electromagnetic processes at high energies"
05.09.2011 - 09.09.2011 Heidelberg, Germany
Henri Kowalski (ZEUS):   Diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
QCDASLHC2011 High-Energy QCD After The Start Of The LHC
05.09.2011 - 21.10.2011 Arcetri, Florence, Italy
QFTHEP'2011 The XXth International Workshop - High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory
24.09.2011 - 01.10.2011 Sochi, Russia
Volodymyr Aushev (ZEUS):   Precision measurements and QCD     (slides)  
Ringberg New Trends in HERA Physics 2011
25.09.2011 - 28.09.2011 Ringberg Castle, Lake Tegernsee, Germany
Ritu Aggarwal (ZEUS):   Proton structure - cross sections and structure functions at high Q2 and high x     (slides)  
Olaf Behnke (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavor, charm and bottom     (slides)  
Prabhdeep Kaur (ZEUS):   Proton structure - cross sections and structure functions at low and medium Q2     (slides)  
Justyna Tomaszewska (ZEUS):   Exclusive diffraction     (slides)  
Katarina Lipka (H1):   Proton Structure Measurements and PDFs     (slides)  
Roman Kogler (H1):   Precision Measurements, QCD and Alpha_s     (slides)     (writeup)  
Mikhail Kapishin (H1):   Inclusive Diffraction at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Anastasia Grebenyuk (H1):   Particle Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
ISMD2011 International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
26.09.2011 - 30.09.2011 (confirmation needed) Miyajima-Island, Hiroshima, Japan (confirmation needed)
Yuji Yamazaki (ZEUS):   Diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
ASPS2011 2nd ASia-Europe Physics Summit
26.10.2011-29.10.2011 Wroclaw, Poland
MPI11 3rd International Workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC
21.11.2011 - 25.11.2011 DESY, Hamburg
Marcella Capua (ZEUS):   DVCS and VM at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
EDS 14th Workshop on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering
15.12.2011 - 21.12.2011 Qui Nhon, Vietnam
Achim Geiser (ZEUS):   HERA results on DIS and diffraction in DIS     (slides)  
Alice Valkarova (H1):   Inclusive and Dijet Diffractive Production at Hera     (slides)     (writeup)  
HCP2011 Hadron Collider Physics Symposium
14.11.2011 - 18.11.2011 Paris, France
Katerina Lipka (H1/ZEUS):   Recent results from HERA and their impact for LHC     (slides)     (writeup)  

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