H1 and ZEUS talks at conferences in 2001

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Guidelines for H1 Conference Speakers

Crakow   Cracow Epiphany Conference on B Physics and CP Violation
5-7 Jan Cracow, Poland
Aspen   Particle Physics at the Millenium
7-13 Jan Colorado, USA, Aspen Center for Physics
CICHEP   Cairo International Conference on High Energy Physics
9-14 Jan Cairo, Egypt
Hirschegg   Structure of Hadrons
14-20 Jan Hirschegg, Austria
E Lohrmann (ZEUS):   Proton Structure from HERA  
ICFA   ICFA Meeting
8-9 Feb Hamburg
Lake_Louise   Fundamental Interactions
18-24 Feb Alberta, Canada
A Tapper (ZEUS):   High Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
N Delerue (H1):   Searches     (slides)     (writeup)  
R Hall-Wilton (ZEUS):   low x and Diffraction     (slides)     (writeup)  
M Wobisch (H1):   pQCD     (slides)  
BCP4   Biannual International Conference on B physics and CP Violation
19-23 Feb Shima Kankou Hotel, Ise, Japan
HADRONS01   International Symposium on Hadrons and Nuclei
20-22 Feb Seoul, Korea
B Stella (H1):   Proton structure functions at HERA     (writeup)  
RENCON   15th Recontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
4-10 March La Thuile, Vallee d'Aoste, Italy
V Chekelian (H1):   Standard Model physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
M Kuze (ZEUS):   Searches for new physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Vanderbilt   Frontiers in contemporary physics - II, Astrophysics, Nuclear, Particle Physics and the Connections
5-10 March Vanderbilt University
S. Schlenstedt (ZEUS):   QCD at small x at HERA     (slides)  
S. Schmitt (H1):   Test of Perturbative QCD at HERA     (slides)  
MoriondEW   Moriond Conference on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
10-17 March Les Arcs, France:
T Fusayasu (ZEUS):   High Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
A Schoening (H1):   Searches     (slides)     (writeup)  
APS   Annual Meeting Of The Division Of Particles And Fields Of The APS
12-16 March Seattle
MoriondQCD   Moriond Conference on QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions
17-24 March Les Arcs, France
M Klein (H1):   Inelastic ep scattering at low x and Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
V Monaco (ZEUS):   Diffraction     (slides)     (writeup)  
R Poeschl (H1):   Jet and Event Shape studies in QCD     (slides)     (writeup)  
T Sloan (H1):   Heavy quark production     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Figiel (ZEUS):   Vector Mesons     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Hart (ZEUS):   Prompt photon and DVCS     (slides)     (writeup)  
D Kcira (ZEUS):   Proton and photon structure     (slides)  
HS   Higgs And Supersymmetry
19-22 March Orsay, France
E Perez:   RP-viol.+exotica at Tevatron and HERA     (slides)  
J Dingfelder (H1):   SUSY searches at HERA (RP viol. SUSY searches including high pt lepton analyses)     (slides)  
AF Zarnecki (ZEUS):   EXOTIC searches at HERA direct searches for LQ at HERA, searches beyond the kinematic reach (CI, extra dime, etc )     (slides)  
DPG   German Physics Society (DBG), Paticle Physics
26-29 March Bonn
R Yoshida (ZEUS):   QCD at HERA and elsewhere     (slides)  
H Jung (H1):   Was ist los bei kleinem x-neuer Bereich in QCD     (slides)  
Olaf Behrendt (H1):   Identification von Endzustaenden mit dem H1 Fast Track Trigger     (slides)  
Victor Lenderman (H1):   Messung des Wirkungsquerschnittes von QED-Compton-Ereignissen bei HERA     (slides)  
Juergen Naumann (H1):   FTT Spurensuche     (slides)  
Christoph Wissing (H1):   Schneller Spurlink und -fit des Fast Track Triggers     (slides)  
LEPTSCAT   Lepton Scattering, Hadrons and QCD
26 March - 6 April University of Adelaide, Australia
G. Levman:   Leading baryons at HERA     (slides)  
M. Derrick:   Diffraction and vector meson production at HERA  
DIS   9th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering
27 April - 1 May Bologna, Italy

Session: Plenary
W Buchmueller:   Physics at HERA II     (writeup)  
B Foster (ZEUS):   HERA II Physics     (slides)  
E Elsen (H1):   Some Aspects of HERA II Physics Programme     (slides)     (writeup)  
M Klein (H1):   Future DIS at HERA and THERA     (writeup)  

Session: Structure Function measurements
K. Nagano (ZEUS):   ZEUS NLO-QCD fit to determine proton PDFs and alpha_s     (slides)  
R. Wallny (H1) :   The gluon and alpha_s from inclusive DIS data from H1     (slides)  
S. Schagen (ZEUS):   Charm production in DIS from ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
S. Schagen (ZEUS):   Charm production in DIS from ZEUS (extra slides)     (slides)  
S. Mohrdieck (H1):   D* and F2charm at H1     (writeup)  
F. Zarnecki (ZEUS) :   Contact Interactions at HERA     (slides)  
U. Fricke (ZEUS):   henomenology of the Proton Structure Function F_2 at low Q^2     (slides)     (writeup)  
D. Haidt (H1):   Virtual photon proton cross sections in the limit Q2 -> 0     (slides)     (writeup)  
A. Viani (ZEUS):   High Q^2 NC and CC cross sections from ZEUS     (slides)  
A. Dubak (H1):   High Q^2 NC and CC cross sections from H1     (slides)  
D. Eckstein (H1):   F_L (new data)  
S. Ferron (H1):   Photon Structure from High Et jet Photoproduction     (slides)  
C. Issever (H1):   Measurement of F_2 with radiative events at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Hard Interactions
Z Zhang (H1):   R_P violating SUSY, Leptoquarks, exited fermions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
S. Ferron (H1) :   Photon structure from jets at HERA  
G. Grindhammer (H1) :   The gluon density and the strong coupling from jets in DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
D. Kcira (ZEUS):   Virtual Photon Structure     (slides)     (writeup)  
E. Tassi (ZEUS) :   Jet production in NC DIS and determination of alpha_s     (slides)  
L. Zawiejski (ZEUS):   Multiplicity fluctuations in DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
O. Gonzalez (ZEUS) :   Determination of alpha_s using subjet multiplicities     (slides)     (writeup)  
T. Matsushita (ZEUS):   Isolated High Energy Lepton and Missing Transverse Momentum at     (slides)  
C. Diaconu (H1):   Events with isolated high energy lepton     (slides)     (writeup)  
J. Kroseberg (H1):   Open Beauty Production at HERA     (slides)  
P. Bussey (ZEUS) :   Prompt photons in photoproduction at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
M Wobisch (H1):   3-jets in DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
R. Brugnera (ZEUS):   Inelastic J/Psi and Psi' production at HERA     (slides)  

Session: Diffractive Physics
P. Marage (H1):   Review diffraction vis a vis F2  
A. Kreisel (ZEUS) :   Exclusive vector mesons production at low t in ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
A. Pellegrino (ZEUS) :   Measurement of the diffractive cross section at low Q2     (slides)  
A. Garfagnini (ZEUS) :   Leading baryon production at HERA     (slides)  
I. Korzhavina (ZEUS) :   Study of D*+- in diffractive ep scattering     (slides)     (writeup)  
B. Smalska (ZEUS) :   Diffractive results from the ZEUS LPS     (slides)  
A. Kowal (ZEUS) :   Proton-dissociative diffractive of VM at large |t|     (slides)  
D. Brown (H1) :   Proton dissociative photoproduction of J/psi at high |t|     (slides)     (writeup)  
T. Yamashita (ZEUS) :   Diffractive Hadronic Final States     (slides)  
R Stamen (H1):   Measurement of the Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA  
K Hiller (H1):   Measurement of the Photoproduction Cross Section with a Leading Proton     (slides)     (writeup)  
C Collard (H1):   Measurement of density matrix elements for rho meson electroproduction as function of |t|     (slides)  
F-P Schilling (H1):   Diffractive Jet Production in Deep-Inelastic ep Collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Olsson (H1):   Proton dissociative rho meson electroproduction at HERA     (slides)  
T Golling (H1):   Odderons     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Spin Physics
L. Favart (H1):   Measurement of the Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
PHENO   Symposium on Phenomenology
7-9 May Madison, Wisconsin, USA
J. Repond:   Physics at HERA     (slides)  
SUSYBR01   From the Planck Scale to the Electroweak Scale - EuroConference on the Supersymmetry-Breaking Problem
11-16 May La Monde-les-Maures, nr. Toulon, France
15 May DESY, Germany
M. Wobisch (H1):   Hard QCD and the Hadronic Final State     (slides)  
Beyond_the_Pomeron   High_Energy_QCD: Beyond the Pomeron
May 20-25 May BNL USA
J Dainton (H1):   High Energy QCD overtakes the Pomeron  
F-P Schilling (H1):   Hard Diffraction Results from H1 at HERA     (slides)  
M Derrick (ZEUS):   Pomeron Physics Studied with the ZEUS Detector  
James Crittenden (ZEUS):   Scaling Properties of High-Energy Diffractive Vector-Meson Production at High Momentum Transfer     (slides)  
EWR   52nd Extended Scientific Council of DESY
1 June DESY, Germany
C. Kiesling (H1):   HERA Physics Present and Future     (slides)  
npQCD   Sixth Workshop on Non-Perturbative QCD
5-9 June Paris, France
Blois   9th Blois Workshop On Elastic And Diffractive Scattering
9-15 June Pruhonice, Prague, Czech Republic
K Krueger (H1):   Vector Meson production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
H. Kowalski (ZEUS):   Hard Diffraction at HERA Special Topics (~20 mins)  
J Olsson (H1):   Search for Odderons     (slides)     (writeup)  
M. Petrucci (ZEUS):   Leading Baryon results at HERA  
SUSYDUBNA   9th International Conference on Supersymmetries in Physics
11-17 June Dubna, Russia
A. Rostovtsev (H1):   SUSY Searches at HERA     (slides)  
L. Bellagamba (ZEUS):   LFV, top, Isol. Leptons     (slides)  
QCD@Work   International Conference On QCD: Theory And Experiment
16-20 Jun Martina Franca, Italy
Ringberg   New Trends in HERA Physics
17-22 June Ringberg
Z Zhang (H1):   Structure functions at large x (x F_3, u_v and d_v)     (slides)     (writeup)  
N Gogitidze (H1):   F_L (subtraction method, slope)     (slides)  
K Nagano (ZEUS):   alpha_s and g(x) from structure functions     (slides)     (writeup)  
B Andrieu (H1):   Photoproduction of jet plus prompt photon and photon structure     (writeup)  
M Wing (ZEUS):   Jets and alpha_s     (slides)     (writeup)  
N Brook (ZEUS):   Soft multiparticle production     (writeup)  
B Koblitz (H1):   Search for instantons     (slides)     (writeup)  
R Sacchi (ZEUS):   W, top and SUSY particle production     (slides)     (writeup)  
I Redondo (ZEUS):   Open-charm production     (slides)     (writeup)  
F Sefkow (H1):   Open-bottom production     (slides)     (writeup)  
B Naroska (H1):   Heavy quarkonium from photoproduction and DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Crittenden (ZEUS):   Light-vector-meson production     (slides)     (writeup)  
E Lobodzinska (H1):   The DVCS Measurement at HERA     (writeup)  
E DeWolf (H1):   Diffractive structure functions     (writeup)  
G Levman (ZEUS):   Pion structure function and jet production in gamma p -> n + X     (writeup)  
PIC   21st Physics In Collision Conference
28-30 Jun Seoul, Korea
P vanMechelen:   Diffractive phenomena     (slides)  
C Cormack:   High Q^2 physics     (slides)  
DESY_Forum   Heavy Flavour Physics at HERA II
3 July, DESY, Germany
Leonid Gladilin (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavour Physics at HERA II     (slides)  
Snowmass   APS / DPF / DPB Summer Study On The Future Of Particle Physics
30 Jun - 21 Jul Snowmass, Colorado
EPS   International Conference on High Energy Physics of the European Physical Society
12-18 July Budapest, Hungary

Session: Plenary talks
D. Charlton:   Standard Model  
F. Gianotti:   Searches for New Particles at Colliders  
A. Hebecker:   Non-Perturbative High-Energy QCD  
R. Yoshida:   Hard QCD, Structure Functions     (slides)  
G. Wolf:   Conference Summary  

Session: Hard High Energy QCD and Structure Functions
E Rizvi (H1):   NC & CC DIS cross sections at high Q^2, 20'  
R Wallny (H1):   Proton structure functions from H1, 15'  
A Cooper-Sarkar (ZEUS):   Proton structure functions from Zeus, 15'  
C Glasman (ZEUS):   Jet production & QCD tests in DIS at HERA, 20'     (writeup)  
S Caron (H1):   Jets & QCD tests in photoproduction, 20',  
M Milite (ZEUS):   alphas and QCD tests in photoproduction, 15'  
F Sefkow (H1):   Heavy flavour production in DIS, 20'     (slides)     (writeup)  
L Gladilin (ZEUS):   Heavy flavour in photoproduction, 20'     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Soft Interactions, Hadronic Structure and Diffraction
B Mellado (ZEUS):   VM cross sections and trajectory determination     (writeup)  
T Golling (H1):   Odderon and Pomeron Physics in Multi-Photon Final States at HERA     (slides)  
A Meyer (H1):   Scales in VM production     (slides)     (writeup)  
R Wichmann (ZEUS):   hadronic final state     (slides)  
A Buniatyan (H1):   Leading baryon measurements     (slides)     (writeup)  
P Saull (ZEUS):   Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering     (slides)  
P Newman (H1):   Inclusive diffractive cross sections     (slides)     (writeup)  
F Goebel (ZEUS):   F2D4     (writeup)  
B Surrow (ZEUS):   Transition region gamma-p dis  
H. Kowalski:   DGLAP evolution and saturation effects at HERA  

Session: Beyond the Standard Model
X Liu (ZEUS):   Search for Leptoquarks and Contact Interactions     (slides)  
C Schwanenberger (H1):   Search for RPV-SUSY and Excited Fermions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
C Vallee (H1):   Production of anomolous Isolated Leptons and Single Top     (writeup)  

Session: Detector Developments
Z Zhang (H1):   Electron Polarization Measurement using a Fabry-Perot Cavity at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: New Ideas in Data Handling
A Meyer (H1):   OO     (slides)     (writeup)  
LeptonPhoton01   XX International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies
23-28 Jul Rome, Italy

Session: Plenary talks
M. Wise:   Heavy flavors theory vs experiment  
P. Nason:   QCD at high energy  
M. Erdmann:   Proton and photon structure  
T. Carli:   Low x physics  
G. Iacobucci:   Diffractive phenomena  
G. Hanson:   Searches for new particles  
MENU   9th International Symposium on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon
26-31 Jul Washington, DC, USA
SSI   29th SLAC Summer Institute On Particle Physics: Exploring Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
13-24 Aug Stanford, California
B Heinemann (H1):   high-Q^2 electroweak studies     (slides)  
B Straub (ZEUS):   Searches for new phenomena at HERA     (slides)  
Wigner   Seventh International Wigner Symposium
24-29 Aug University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.
HADRON01   9th International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
25 Aug - 1 Sept Protvino, Russia
CERN_school   European School Of High-Energy Physics
26 Aug - 8 Sep Beatenberg, Switzerland
ISMD   31st International Symposium On Multiparticle Dynamics
1-7 Sep Datong, China

Session: Soft processes
A Rostovtsev (H1):   Soft Particle Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Hard processes and pQCD
O. Behnke (H1):   Heavy Quarks     (writeup)  
E. Heaphy (ZEUS):   Jets  

Session: Diffraction and small x physics
E Elsen (H1):   Introduction to Contemporary Studies of Diffractive Processes and Low-x Dynamics     (slides)     (writeup)  
D Milstead (H1):   Experimental Studies of Low-x Dynamics at HERA     (writeup)  
S Savin (ZEUS):   Experimental Studies of diffraction processes at HERA     (writeup)  

Session: Fluctuations and correlations
L. Zawiejski (ZEUS):   Multiplicity, Momentum distributions     (writeup)  
PHOTON   The Structure and Interactions of the Photon
2-7 Sep Ascona, Switzerland

Session: Photon Structure
A Valkarova (H1):   Structure of real photons from HERA (25')     (slides)     (writeup)  
K. Sedlak (H1):   Structure of virtual photons from HERA (25')     (slides)     (writeup)  
R. Nisius:   Summary of the Structure Function Session at Photon 2001     (writeup)  

Session: Jets and Inclusive Hadron Production
D. Traynor (H1):   Fragmentation in diffractive DIS at HERA (15')     (slides)     (writeup)  
T. Schoerner (H1):   QCD tests with jets at HERA (20')  
M. Wing (ZEUS):   Summary of Session on Jets and inclusive Hadron Production     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Charm and Beauty Production
W. Erdmann (H1):   Charm production in DIS and diffraction (15')     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Total Cross-sections and Diffraction
T. Berndt (H1):   Pomeron and odderon physics in multi-photon states (15')     (slides)     (writeup)  
P. Thompson (H1):   Diffraction at high and low Q^2 at HERA (20')     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Extra talks
B West (ZEUS):   Virtual photon strucure with charm     (slides)     (writeup)  
S Boogert (ZEUS):   Photoproduction of strange hadrons     (writeup)  
M Vazquez (ZEUS):   Substructure of jets     (slides)     (writeup)  
M Turcato (ZEUS):   Bottom production at HERA     (writeup)  
S Padhi (ZEUS):   Heavy-flavoured jets at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
S Kananov (ZEUS):   Diffractive VM and DVCS     (slides)  
K Borras (ZEUS):   Leading baryon production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
U Karshon (ZEUS):   Charm spectroscopy     (slides)     (writeup)  
QFTHEP   XVIth Inter. Workshop on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory
6-12 Sep Moscow, Russia
M. Kapichine (H1):   Diffraction     (writeup)  
M Sutton (ZEUS):   Alpha_s and gluons  
Mireille Schneider (H1):   Searches     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Cole (ZEUS):   Low x  
CRIMEA   New Trends in High-Energy Physics
8-15 Sep Yalta, Ukraine
J Whitmore (ZEUS):   Elastic and diffractive scattering of hadrons and nuclei     (slides)  
J Olsson (H1):   Deep inelastic scattering, multiparticle dynamics     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Olsson (H1):   Odderon (Personal invitation)     (slides)     (writeup)  
D Bailey (ZEUS):   Heavy flavours and hadron spectroscopy     (slides)     (writeup)  
MADA   First High-Energy Physics Conference in Madagascar
27 Sep - 5 Oct Antananarivo, Madagaskar
J Gayler (H1):   Experimental Results on non-perturbative Physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
J Stiewe (H1):   Pomerons and Odderons     (slides)     (writeup)  
S Magill (ZEUS):   Hard interactions at HERA  
Santorini   Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei
2-7 Oct 2001 Santorini, Greece
E Tzamariudaki (H1):   Recent highlights from H1 and ZEUS     (slides)  
Y Yamazaki (ZEUS):   DVCS measurments in H1 and ZEUS  
LEP_LEGACY   Seventh Topical Seminar on The legacy of LEP and SLC
8-11 Oct 2001 Siena, Italy
S Dusini (ZEUS):   Single top and FCNC  
A Schoening (H1):   Search for leptoquarks     (slides)     (writeup)  
W Zeuner (ZEUS):   Heavy flavour at HERA  
25 Oct 2001 DESY, Hamburg, Germany
R Carlin (ZEUS):   ZEUS results and Status  
P Thompson (H1):   H1 results and Status  
GPD   Generalized Parton Distributions
19-21 Nov 2001 Bad Honneff, Germany
P Saull (ZEUS) :   DVCS     (slides)  
A Meyer (H1) :   Vector Mesons     (slides)  

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