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The aim of a tracking system is the reconstruction and identification of charged particles, so that their energies and momenta can be measured. The H1 detector is asymmetric in design due to the imbalance nature of the energies of the two colliding beams. Thus, enhanced tracking is needed in the forward region.

The Forward Tracker is a set of drift chambers designed to detect tracks in the range from about 5 to 25 degrees from the interaction point. There are three Supermodules, each consisting of three Planar (P) chambers (Orientations)and a new(Q) planar chamber. The Planar drift cells each have four wires, oriented with respect to the y axis at 0 degrees, +60 degrees and -60 degrees in the three Orientations; the Q cells each have 8 wires at +30 degrees and +90 degrees. A Planar Orientation has 28 rectangular cells with all wires parallel; the wires are read out at one end only, and hence measure only the drift coordinate.

This is a schematic diagram of the Forward Tracker.

On-call FTD experts at DESY

During HERA/H1 running, resident experts are available to deal with operational and hardware related problems.

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Much of this is restricted to ''H1 internal'' access.

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