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H1 is an international collaboration performing fundamental research in the field of High Energy Physics also known as Elementary Particle Physics.The H1 collaboration has built and operates the H1 detector, one of the big experiments taking data with colliding positron-proton beams at HERA . HERA is one of the facilities at the German national laboratory for elementary particle physics DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in Hamburg.

H1 Detector

The H1 Detector is a very complex apparatus designed to detect particles which are created when high energy electrons and protons collide. Technologies used to build such a detector range from high precision mechanical engineering to modern electronics and up to date computing.

Scientific Results

The main interest of research of the H1 collaboration is to measure the structure of the proton, to study the fundamental interactions between particles, and to search for physics beyond the Standard Model of the elementary particles.
The physics results are published in scientific journals. Since the Laboratory is committed to the academic education, students of the collaborating instituts perform their theses within the collaboration.


H1 is a collaboration of about 400 scientists from 39 institutes of 12 countries throughout the world.
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Scientific Results


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