ZEUS and H1 Speakers at Conferences 2000

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Fifth Workshop on QCD
3-7 Jan 2000, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France: QCD2000
C Ginsburg (ZEUS): DIS Results from HERA Transparencies Writeup
G Knies (H1): HERA Results on Elastic Hadronic and Sub-Hadronic Diffraction Transparencies Write-up
Sixth Workshop in High Energy Physics Phenomenology
3-15 Jan 03, 2000, Chennai (Madras), India: WHEPP-6
B Heinemann (H1): Recent Results from HERA: H1, Zeus and Hermes Transparencies write-up
16TH Nordic meeting in particle physics
4-10 Jan 2000, Oslo, Norway: SPAATIND2000
R Walczak (ZEUS): Recent results from HERA (55')
2000 Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics
16-22 Jan 2000, Aspen, Colorado, USA Aspen
S Schlenstedt (ZEUS Zeuthen): Lepton-Parton Physics at Large Momentum Transfer Transparencies
2000 Lake Louise Winter Institute
20-26 Feb 2000, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Lake Louise
B Reisert (H1): DIS at large momentum transfer at HERA Transparencies
R Galea (ZEUS Toronto): Searches beyond the SM at HERA Transparencies
J Phillips (H1): Low Q2 Physics and the Transition Region of pQCD
R Graciani (ZEUS DESY): Perturbative QCD Transparencies
QNP2000 - International Conference on Quark Nuclear Physics
21-25 Feb 2000, Adelaide, Australia ICQNP
D Wegener (H1): The Parton Structure of Protons and Photons measured at the ep Storage Ring HERA Transparencies write-up
14th Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
26 Feb-3 Mar 2000, La Thuile, Valle d'Aoste, Italy La Thuile
B Clerbaux (ZEUS): Results on Diffraction at HERA and TEVATRON (30') transparencies writeup
G Iacobucci (ZEUS): Structure Functions Measurements at HERA (30') Transparencies Writeup
3rd International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics
3-17 Mar 2000, Adelaide, Australia, SUBATOM.00
International Symposium on "Quantum Chromodynamics and Color Confinement"
7-10 Mar 2000, Osaka, Japan: CONFINEMENT 2000
Moriond Conference on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
11-18 Mar 2000, Les Arcs, France: XXXVth Rencontres de Moriond
R Walker (ZEUS IC): High Q2 Charged and Neutral Current Results from HERA Transparencies
G Raedel (H1 Saclay): Searches at HERA Transparencies write-up
Moriond Conference on QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions
18-25 Mar 2000, Les Arcs, France: XXXVth Rencontres de Moriond
P Bussey (ZEUS Glasgow): Inclusive Prompt Photon Production and DVCS at HERA Transparencies
C Diaconu (H1 Marseille): Proton Structure at High Q2 Transparencies Write-up
O Ruske (ZEUS Oxford): The Soft -> pQCD Interface Region at HERA Transparencies
J Meyer (H1 DESY): Jets in Electroproduction Transparencies write-up
G McCance (ZEUS Glasgow): Event Shapes and Power Correction Results from HERA Transparencies Write-up
H Jung (Lund Univ.): Photon Structure Transparencies write-up
A Solano (ZEUS DESY): Inclusive studies of Diffraction
B Naroska (H1 Hamburg): Vector Meson Production Write-up
O Behnke (H1 DESY): Heavy Flavours and QCD transparencies write-up
DPG Particle Physics
20-24 Mar 2000, Dresden, Germany: DPG
W Zeuner: ep-Physik bei höchsten Energien und Suche nach neuen Phänomemen Transparencies
H-C Schultz-Coulon: Untersuchung der Partondynamik am ep-Speicherring HERA Transparencies
Workshop on the Nucleon Structure in High x-Bjorken Region
30 Mar-1 Apr 2000, Temple University, Jefferson Lab, Philadelphia, PA, USA: HiX2000
M Klein (DESY Zeuthen): Deep Inelastic Scattering at large x Transparencies
5th International Workshop on Heavy Quark Physics
4-9 Apr 2000, Dubna, Russia: HQP.00
A Rostovtsev (H1): Elastic Diffraction J/PSI and Upsilon Production at HERA
N Coppola (ZEUS): Open Charm and Beauty at HERA Transparencies Write-up
Annual Conference of the IoP High Energy Particle Physics Group
11-13 Apr 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland (U.K.): IoP2000
N Brook (ZEUS Bristol) : QCD at HERA Transparencies
Symposium on Phenomenology for the Nu Century
17-19 Apr 2000, Madison, WI, USA: PHENO2000
W Erdmann (ETH Zurich) transparencies
8th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and QCD
25-30 Apr 2000, Liverpool, UK: DIS2000
Plenary talks
M Erdmann: Hadronic structure functions
Y Yamazaki: QCD tests in lepton-proton collisions Transparencies
R Yoshida: Physics at the highest Q2 and pT2 Transparencies
WG1 Structure functions
N Tuning (ZEUS): Proton structure functions F2 and xF3 at ZEUS Transparencies
D Eckstein (H1): Measurement of F2 and FL Structure Functions with H1 Transparencies
T Kurca (H1): Scaling Violation Analysis of the H1 F2 Data Transparencies write-up
E Heaphy (ZEUS): Recent Results in High E_T Photoproduction Transparencies
A Valkarova (H1): Real and Virtual Photon structure Transparencies write-up
J Scott (ZEUS): Structure Functions at low and x and Q2 at ZEUS Transparencies write-up
WG2 Tests of QCD
Convenors (H1+ZEUS): Working Group Summary Transparencies
T Schoerner (H1): Single-Inclusive Jets in DIS at Low Q2 at HERA (30') Transparencies
R Poeschl (H1): Dijet Rates in DIS (30') Transparencies write-up
D Chapin (ZEUS): Dijet Cross Sections from Low to Highest Q2Transparencies
A Caron (H1): Three Jet Production in DIS and gamma-p (30') Transparencies write-up
T Hadig (H1): The Strong Coupling and the Gluon Density from Jets in DIS (30') Transparencies write-up
N Brook (ZEUS): Azimuthal Asymmetries in DIS Transparencies write-up
S Maxfield (H1): Current Issues in Low E_T Real and Virtual Photoproduction (15') Transparencies
M Wing (ZEUS): Photon structure Transparencies write-up
K Rabbertz (H1): Event Shapes and Power Corrections in ep DIS (15') Transparencies write-up
U Wollmer (ZEUS): Event Shapes and Power Corrections in DIS Transparencies
D Milstead (H1): Current Issues in Fragmentation in DIS (30') Transparencies
D Ozerov (H1): Baryon-Antibaryon Asymmetry in Photoproduction (30')
L Gladilin (ZEUS): D* and Ds Production at HERA and Comparison to NLO Transparencies
T Kuhr (H1): Open Beauty Cross Section at HERA (30') Transparencies
K Krueger (H1): Inelastic J/psi Production at HERA (30') Transparencies
SW Lee (ZEUS): Prompt Photons in Photoproduction at HERA Transparencies Writeup
S Mikocki (H1): Search for QCD Instantons-induced Processes in DIS at HERA (30') Transparencies write-up
WG3 Physics at highest Q2 and Pt
E Rizvi (H1): NC and CC DIS at High Q2 (30') Transparencies
A Kappes (ZEUS): NC/CC DIS at very high Q2 Transparencies
N Malden (H1): W Production and High Pt isolated leptons at HERA (30') Transparencies
J Repond (ZEUS): High Pt jets in photoproduction at HERA Transparencies
F Keil (H1): Dijets in CC and NC DIS at high Q2 at HERA (30') Transparencies
A Fox-Murphy (ZEUS): Searches for Leptoquarks and R-parity violating Susy at HERA Transparencies
J Scheins (H1): Contact Interactions and Large Extra-Dimensions at HERA (30') Transparencies
MC Cousinou (H1): Searches for Excited Fermions at HERA (30') Transparencies
R Kerger (ZEUS): Lepton Flavor Violation at HERA Transparencies
K Long (ZEUS IC): Future High Q2 Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA Transparencies (pdf) (ppt)
WG4 High energy scattering and diffraction
A Wyatt (H1): Energy Flow between Jets in gamma-p Collisions at HERA (30') Transparencies write-up
M Capua (ZEUS): New results on F2D from ZEUS Transparencies
C Ginsburg (ZEUS): A measurement of the total photon-proton cross section Transparencies
F P Schilling (H1): Diffractive Dijet and 3-jet Electroproduction at HERA (30') Transparencies write-up
A Bruni (ZEUS): Elastic J/psi photoproduction (including psi', Y) Transparencies
D Schmidt (H1): Elastic and proton-dissociative Vector Meson production at high Q2 or large |t| (30') b/w slides Writeup
R Stamen (H1): DVCS at HERA (30') Transparencies
M Martinez (ZEUS): Observation of 3 jets in diffractive DIS Transparencies
W Schmidke (ZEUS): Leading Baryon Production in ep Scattering at HERA Transparencies
J Cole (ZEUS): Diffractive D* productionTransparencies
L Favart (H1): The H1 Roman Pots for the HERA Luminosity Upgrade (30') Transparencies writeup
International Symposium on Evolution Equations and Large Order Estimates in QCD
1-4 May 2000, Gatchina (SPINP), Russia: EELOEQCD
B Levchenko (ZEUS): Status of the instanton search at HERA
4 May 2000, Open Session, DESY:
L Gladilin (ZEUS) ZEUS report
(H1) H1 report
2nd Tropical Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology Neutrino and Flavor Physics
1-6 May 2000, San Juan, Puerto Rico: PARCOS2000
8th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors. "Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics"
11-27 May 2000, Isola d'Elba, Italy:
A Schoening: A Fast Track Trigger for the H1 Collaboration write-up
A Specka: Test Beam Results of the Quartz Fibre Calorimeter for the H1 Luminosity Measurement write-up
Fourth Workshop on Continuous Advances in QCD
12-14 May 2000, Minneapolis, MN, USA: CAQCD2000 CW_010228longhin.ps
11th International Seminar on High Energy Physics
13-21 May 2000, Pushkin, Russia: QUARKS'2000
MESON2000 Workshop
19-23 May 2000, Cracow, Poland: MESON'2000
D Bruncko (H1): Vector meson production in photoproduction write-up
7th Conference on Intersections between Particle and Nuclear Physics
22-28 May 2000, Quebec, Ontario, Canada: CIPANP2000
T Doyle (ZEUS): Structure Functions at High Q2 transparencies writeup transparencies
C Cormack (ZEUS): Structure Functions at Very High Q2 from HERA (25') Transparencies writeup
S Levonian (H1) Structure Functions at Low x and Low Q2 from HERA Transparencies
S Levonian (H1) Diffractive Physics at HERA Transparencies
Crimea Summer-School Seminar: New trends in HEP
27 May-4 June 2000, Crimea, Ukraine: Crimea2000
G Buschhorn (H1): Instantons writeup
CTEQ Summer School on QCD Analysis and Phenomenology
30 May-7 Jun 2000, Lake Geneva, WI, USA: CTEQ2000
14-17 Jun 2000, Marseilles, France: ? sewm@cpt.univ-mrs.fr
8th International Conference on Supersymmetries in Physics
26 Jun - 1 Jul 2000 , CERN, Geneva, Switzerland: SUSY2000
B Straub (DESY Zeuthen)
4th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons
27-30 Jun 2000, Valencia, Spain: BEACH.00
A. Polini (ZEUS) J/psi and Upsilon (20')
Y. Tsipolitis (H1) Open Charm and Beauty (20')
XXth International Conference on Physics in Collision
29 Jun-01 Jul 2000, Lisbon, Portugal: PIC2000
N Cartiglia (ZEUS): Diffraction transparencies
G Cozzika (H1): High Q2 Results from HERA transparencies write-up
15th High-Energy Physics International Euroconference in Quantum Chromodynamics
6-13th July 2000, Montpellier, France: QCD Euroconference 2000
M Inuzuka (ZEUS) Diffraction (30') transparencies
D Reyna (H1) Structure Functions (30') transparencies write-up
M Sutton (ZEUS) High Pt jets (20') transparencies
B Andrieu (H1) Final States (20') transparencies write-up
IVth Rencontres du Vietnam, International Conference on Physics at Extreme Energies
19-25 Jul 2000, Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam2000
S Bhadra write-up
XXXth International Conference on High Energy Physics
27 July-2 August 2000, Osaka, Japan: ICHEP2000 UK mirror site
Invited plenary talks
R Nania: Hard Interaction Processes (High Q2 : DIS, Jets)
P Schleper: Soft Interaction Process (Low Q2 : diffraction, two-photon and spin structure) transparencies write-up
PA02: Soft interaction processes
B Mellado (ZEUS) Photo and electro production of VM at HERA(incl. large t) transparencies, write-up
L Favart (H1) Deeply virtual compton scattering at HERA transparencies write-up
P Newman (H1) Inclusive diffraction at HERA transparencies write-up
M Martinez (ZEUS) Final states in diffraction at HERA transparencies
J Butterworth (ZEUS) Dijet production transparencies
S Levonian (H1) Low Q2 F2p and total gamma-p cross section transparencies writeup
T Wildschek (ZEUS) Leading n and p production at HERA transparencies
A Pellegrino (ZEUS) Low-x F2p and Fl and phenomenological studies transparencies
PA03: Hard interaction processes
H-U Martyn (H1) Event shapes and other QCD measurements at HERA transparencies write-up
J Gayler (H1) Inclusive jets in DIS write-up
E Tassi (ZEUS) QCD analysis of multijets transparencies
N Brook (ZEUS) Multiplicity studies at HERA transparencies
E de Wolf (H1) QCD instanton studies transparencies write-up
K Nagano (ZEUS) Proton structure at high Q2 transparencies
F Zomer (H1) Proton structure at medium Q2
E Tzamariudaki (H1) Charm contributions to the proton structure function transparencies write-up
S Magill (ZEUS) Prompt photon production at colliders (HERA and the Tevatron) transparencies
PA07: Heavy flavour physics
A Bertolin (ZEUS) Production of charmonia and upsilon mesons at HERA transparencies
F Sefkow (H1) Open charm and beauty production at HERA transparencies write-up
PA11: Search for new particles and phenomena
L Stanco (ZEUS) Rp-violating SUSY at HERA transparencies
A Mehta (H1) Leptoquarks and Flavour Violation at HERA transparencies write-up
A Sabet-fakhri (ZEUS) Excited fermions at HERA transparencies
C Niebuhr (H1) Contact interactions at HERA transparencies write-up
28th SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics: Neutrinos from the Lab, the Sun, and the Cosmos
14 - 25 Aug 2000, Stanford, CA, USA: SSI2000
J Engelen (ZEUS) QCD at HERA
T Hadig (H1) lepton-proton physics at High Q2 transparencies write-up
International Conference on the Structure and Interactions of the Photon including the 13th International Workshop on Photon-Photon Collisions
26-31 August 2000, Ambleside, England: Photon 2000
M Wing (ZEUS) Introduction to high-p_T inclusives transparencies write-up
H Mahlke (H1) Photoproduction with leading protons transparencies write-up
A Wyatt (H1) Energy flow between large rap gap jets in photop. write-up
C Johnson [C Goodwin (H1)] Diffraction, F2D3 transparencies write-up
B List (H1) Diffractive dijet and 3-jets electroproduction at HERA. transparencies, writeup
R Stamin (H1) DVCS
K Klimek (ZEUS) Vector mesons at high t transparencies
S Maxfield (H1) Dijet in php and photon structure
A Buniatian (H1) Dijets with forward neutrons transparencies write-up
J Terron (ZEUS) Dijet production in photoproduction Transparencies
C Glasman (ZEUS) Jet substructure transparencies writeup
C Glasman (ZEUS) Virtual photon structure transparencies writeup
J Terron (ZEUS) Prompt Photon Production at HERA Transparencies
S Maxfield (H1)Dijets in DIS and virtual photon structure
K Daum (H1) Charm and Bottom production at H1
D Hochman (ZEUS) Charm production at ZEUS transparencies, write-up
A Savin (ZEUS) Photoproduction of J/psi
T Abe (ZEUS) Electroproduction of Charmonium
S Kananov (ZEUS) Electroproduction of Rhos transparencies
International Workshop on Diffraction in High Energy Physics
2-7 Sep 2000, Cetraro (Cosenza), Italy: DIFFRACTION 2000
L Adamczyk (ZEUS) Results on Vector Meson Production at HERA Transparencies
D Reyna (H1) DVCS transparencies write-up
R Wichmann (ZEUS) Topology of the hadronic final state in diffractive dis, including jet production transparencies
P Thompson (H1) diffractive open charm production transparencies
M Capua (ZEUS) F2D at small Q2
P Marage (H1) Diffraction at HERA and Prospects with H1 write-up
International Workshop on Skewed Parton Distribution and Lepton-Nucleon Scattering
11-12 Sep 2000, DESY, Germany: SP2000
P Bussey (ZEUS)
5th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections
11-15 Sep 2000, Carmel, California. USA: RADCOR2000
R Yoshida (ZEUS) Low-x and Diffraction Transparencies write-up
XVth International Workshop on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory
14-20 Sep 2000, Tver, Russia: QFTHEP'2000
A Proskuryakov (ZEUS) Diffraction Transparencies
N Brummer (ZEUS) Searches Transparencies
D Eckstein (H1) Proton structure
J Turnau (H1) Photon structure write-up
B Levchenko (ZEUS) Status of the instanton search at HERA
DESY Theory Workshop on CP violation and B physics
26-29 Sep 2000, DESY, Germany:
R Devenish (ZEUS)
International Conference on Hadron Structure
2-8 Oct 2000, Stara Lesna, High Tatras Mountains, Slovakia: Hadron Structure'2000
R Cross (ZEUS) Low Q2 structure functions
C Foudas (ZEUS) Photon structure
M zurNedden (H1) High Q2 processes transparencies write-up
P vanMechelen (H1) Diffraction transparencies write-up
5th Workshop on Heavy Quarks at Fixed Target
9-12 Oct 2000, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: HQ2K
Andreas Meyer (H1) Heavy Quark Production at HERA (Heavy Quark Physics at HERA) transparencies write-up
Arnd Meyer (H1) Quarkonium Production Writeup
30th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
9-15 Oct 2000, Tihany, Lake Balaton, Hungary: ISMD2000
M Cooper-Sakar Low-x and F2 writeup
S Levonian (H1) Diffraction transparencies
B Cox (H1) BFKL searches
HC Schultz-Coulon (H1) Jet physics transparencies writeup
L Shcheglova (ZEUS) Final state studies transparencies
Symposium on the 30 years of Supersymmetry and Workshop on Supersymmetry
13-15 Oct 2000, Minneapolis, MN, USA: SUSY30
19 Oct 2000, Open Session, DESY:
A Garfagnini (ZEUS) ZEUS Physics and Upgrade transparencies
(H1) H1 Physics and Upgrade
First Workshop on Forward Physics and Luminosity Determination at the LHC
31.10-03.11.2000, Helsinki, Finland: FPLD @ LHC
P. Marage (H1) Diffraction at HERA write-up
DESY Forum
30 Nov 2000, Extended Seminar on Low-x Physics and Saturation, DESY:
R Yoshida transparencies
M Klein
68th Plenary ECFA meeting
1 Dec 2000, DESY:
A Mehta HERA Physics: Status and Prospects transparencies
Russian Academy of Science (RAS) Nuclear Physics 2000 Conference
27 Nov - 2 Dec 2000, Moscow, Russia:
I.A.Korzhavina Measurement of D*+/- diffractive cross sections in photoproduction at HERA writeup

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