H1 Workgroupserver and DesktopPC Login Panel

(Have a look at the explanations below!)

Some explanations:

Click on any icon to login to that machine. Configure your Netscape for using ssh for rlogins, if you prefer.

On each icon, you find:

The graphics represent the time development of the load situation on each computer. Updates happen once per minute. A vertical bar delimits the last hour. If the vertical bar is not drawn, the server is just starting to fill up his history for that host.

The horizontal bar delimits the load of 1.0, where one processor is theoretically permanently busy with one job. Loads up to 2.0 are usually not noticed by the user. For the dices the horizontal bar represents a load of 20 and 15 respectively, corresponding to the higher number of processors on these machines. But the situation is different there, due to the fact that they are reserved for batch jobs!

If this panel or its pictures are outdated, try "Shift-Reload"!

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