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This page provides some information about the H1 NextMEX information service. For general information about the NextMEX project see the pages of the HERA Machine Netmex Work Group.

The H1 Nextmex service has been restructured during summer 2002. Since beginning of August 2002 the New Server is available with extended information about Luminosity, Background rates, Chamber currents, Calorimeter rates, Magnet currents, etc.. The corresponding files are h1data_2002.h, cshosts.csv and fecid.csv.

The old Nextmex system from the HERA-I period will continue to run for some time, using the old Lumi Server. The information available in this old server is very limited, as given by the old, reduced header file.

The H1 NextMEX web-page from the HERA-I running period is found here.

Last update of this page done on August 7th, 2002