H1 and ZEUS

QCD Analysis of Combined H1 and ZEUS F2c Data

Reference September 2010
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Contact A. M. Cooper-Sarkar, A. Glazov, K. Lipka, R. Placakyte, V. Radescu
Abstract A next-to-leading order QCD analysis is performed to the preliminary combination of the H1 and ZEUS F2c measurements together with the published HERA inclusive neutral and charged current cross sections. Different models in variable flavour number scheme were used for the heavy flavour treatment. The fits are used to estimate the optimal value of the charm quark mass parameter mc^model within a given heavy flavour scheme. Depending on the scheme, the optimal values of mc^model range between 1.26 GeV and 1.68 GeV, and are determined with a precision of 0.04 GeV including statistical, model and parameterisation uncertainties. The parton distribution functions determined using the above heavy quark schemes at their optimal values of mc^model are further used to predict the W± and Z production cross sections at the LHC. Good agreement between these predictions for the W± and Z cross sections is observed which allows to reduce the uncertainty due to the heavy flavour treatment, to below 1.0%.
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