Combination of F^{cc}_2 from D^{*+-} Measurement in DIS and inclusive measurement of displaced tracks at H1

Reference preliminary PANIC 2008, Nov 2008
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Contact K. Lipka
Abstract The charm contribution to the proton structure, F^c_2(x, Q2), is determined using the cross sections of D*+-(2010) meson production in deep-inelastic scattering and via measurements of the significance of the track displacement using the Central Silicon Tracker. The data are collected with the H1 experiment in the HERA-II running period corresponding to the integrated luminosity of 347 pb-1 for D* analysis. For the displaced track analysis the HERA-II data of 2006 and 2007 are used corresponding to the integrated luminosity of53.4 pb-1 (electron running) and 135.2 pb-1 (positron running). The measurements are interpolated to the common x, Q2 grid using the massive Next-to-leading Order calculation in the fixed flavour number scheme. The results are combined using the averaging procedure developed for the inclusive F2 taking into account the correlations between the systematic uncertainties of the single measurements and the cross correlations between both the measurement methods.
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