Measurement of F_2^{cc} and F_2^{bb} using the H1 vertex Detector at HERA

Reference preliminary ICHEP 2008, July 2008
Document Conference paper or talk
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Contact A. Mehta, P. Thompson
Abstract The inclusive charm and beauty cross sections are measured in $e^-p$ and $e^+p$ collisions at HERA II in the kinematic region of photon virtuality $5 \le Q^2 \le 650~{ m GeV}^2$ and Bjorken scaling variable $0.0002 \le x \le 0.032$. The data were collected with the H1 detector in 2006 and 2007 corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 189~${ m pb^{-1}}$. The charm and beauty fractions are determined using a neural network which includes inputs, as measured by the H1 vertex detector, of the impact parameter of tracks to the primary vertex and the position of the secondary vertex. The measurements are compared with previous data, NLO and NNLO QCD predictions.
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