H1 Diffraction Physics Working Group:
Recent Conference Talks and Proceedings Articles

This page provides PS/PDF files of transparencies or proceedings articles of recent presentations from members of the diffraction physics working group of H1 at conferences and workshops. The talks are sorted by topic, similarly to our results navigator.

Updated for EPS 2003 talks!

General Reviews

M. Arneodo Diffraction: a different window on QCD and the proton structure (an overview for non-specialists) Smallx03 (Fermilab) [Talk]
Y. Yamazaki Diffraction and vector meson production LP03 (Batavia) [Talk]
P. Newman Prospects for Diffraction at HERA II DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk]
L. Favart Diffraction at HERA Hadron Physics 2002 (Bento Goncalves, Brazil) [Talk] [Writeup]
C. Collard Diffraction at HERA Lake Louise Winter Institute (Lake Louise, 2002) [Talk] [Writeup]
F.-P. Schilling Hard Diffraction: Results from H1 at HERA High Energy QCD - Beyond the Pomeron (BNL, 2001) [Talk]
P. Marage Diffraction at HERA and prospects for H1 DIFFRACTION 2000 (Cetraro) [Writeup]
P. Marage Diffraction at HERA LHC Forward Physics Workshop 2000 (Helsinki) [Writeup]
P. van Mechelen Inclusive Diffraction at HERA Hadron 2000 (Stara Lesna) [Talk] [Writeup]
S. Levonian The Pomeron under the HERA Microscope ISMD 2000 (Lake Balaton) [Talk]

Inclusive Diffraction and the Diffractive Structure Function F_2^D     [Results]

S. Levonian Diffractive structure function and QCD fits New trends in HERA physics 2003 (Ringberg) [Talk]
P. Thompson Inclusive measurements of diffractive DIS at H1 EPS 2003 [Talk]
P. Laycock Inclusive diffraction in H1 Lowx 2003 [Talk]
F.-P. Schilling Inclusive Diffraction at HERA (H1+ZEUS) ICHEP 2002 (Amsterdam) [Talk] [Writeup]
A. Bunyatian Measurements of Inclusive and Exclusive Diffraction QCD 2002 (Montpellier) [Talk] [Writeup]
P. Laycock New results on Inclusive Diffraction DIS 2002 (Kakow) [Talk]
F.-P. Schilling NLO DGLAP QCD fit to H1 inclusive diffractive DIS data DIS 2002 (Kakow) [Talk] [Writeup]
R. Heremans Diffractive dissociation in photoproduction at HERA DIS 2002 (Kakow) [Talk]
P. Thompson Diffraction at high and low Q2 at HERA (H1,ZEUS) Photon 2001 (Ascona) [Talk]
P. Newman Measurements of the Diffractive Structure Function F2D(3) at HERA EPS 2001 (Budapest) [Talk] [Writeup]
C. Johnson Inclusive Diffraction at HERA Photon 2000 (Ambleside) [Talk] [Writeup]
P. Newman Inclusive Diffraction at HERA ICHEP 2000 (Osaka) [Talk] [Writeup]

Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS)     [Results]     [DVCS Page]

L. Favart Studies of DVCS and photoproduction of photons at high t with the H1 Detector EPS 2003 (Aachen) [Talk] [Writeup]
D. Brown Measurements of DVCS and High |t| Vector Meson Production at HERA Moriond QCD 2003 [Talk] [Writeup]
R. Stamen DVCS at HERA DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk]
L. Favart Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at H1 and ZEUS DIS 2001 (Bologna) [Talk] [Writeup]
D. Reyna Diffractive Photon Production HERA Diffraction 2000 (Cetraro) [Talk] [Writeup]
R. Stamen DVCS at HERA (H1 and ZEUS) Photon 2000 (Lancaster) [Talk] [Writeup]
R. Stamen DVCS at HERA (H1 and ZEUS) DIS 2000 (Liverpool) [Talk] [Writeup]

Odderon Searches     [Results]

T. Berndt Odderon and Pomeron Physics in Multi-Photon Final States at HERA DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk]
J. Olsson Search for Odderon induced Contributions to Exclusive Meson Photoproduction at HERA New Trends in HEP 2001 (Yalta, Crimea) [Talk] [Writeup]

Diffractive Final States - Jets and Open Heavy Flavour     [Results]

F.-P. Schilling Diffractive Final States with the H1 Detector at HERA EPS 2003 (Aachen) [Talk] [Writeup]
S. Schaetzel Comparison of final states in diffraction with QCD predictions DIS 2003 (St. Petersburg) [Talk] [Writeup]
S. Schaetzel Diffractive Final States at HERA Low-x 2002 (Antwerpen) [Talk]
P. Thompson Jets and Et-Flow in diffractive processes DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk]
F.-P. Schilling Diffractive Jet Production in DIS - Testing QCD Factorization DIS 2001 (Bologna) [Talk] [Writeup]
P. Thompson Diffractive D* Production in DIS at HERA Diffraction 2000 (Cetraro) [Talk]
B. List Hadronic Final States in Diffractive ep Scattering Photon 2000 (Ambleside) [Talk] [Writeup]

Topology of the Hadronic Final State in Diffraction     [Results]

B. Cox Rapidity Gaps between Jets Low x 2003 (Nafplio) [Talk]
M. Beckingham Rapidity Gaps between Jets DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk] [Writeup]
D. Traynor Fragmentation in diffractive deep-inelastic scattering at HERA Photon 2001 (Ascona) [Talk]
A. Wyatt Rapidity Gaps between Jets at HERA Photon 2000 (Ambleside) [Writeup]

Leading Baryon Production for z<<1     [Results]

X. Janssen Leading Proton Spectrometer at HERA: Past Experience and Future Plans Blois 2003 (Helsinki) [Talk]
A. Buniatian Physics with leading Baryons at HERA EPS 2001 (Budapest) [Talk]
K.-H. Hiller Photoproduction with leading protons DIS 2001 (Bologna) [Talk] [Writeup]
A. Buniatian Measurement of Dijet Cross Sections with Leading Neutrons in Photoproduction at HERA Photon 2000 (Ambleside) [Talk] [Writeup]
H. Mahlke-Krueger Measurement of the gamma-p Cross Sections with a Leading Proton at HERA Photon 2000 (Ambleside) [Talk] [Writeup]

(Light) Vector Meson Production     [Results]

P. Fleischmann Exclusice VM and DVCS Small x 2003 (Fermilab) [Talk]
B. List Measurements of meson production in ep scattering at H1 EPS 2003 (Aachen) [Talk]
U. Stoesslein Review of Vector Mesons and DVCS Blois 2003 (Helsinki) [Talk]
D. Brown Diffractive VM production Low x 2003 (Nafplio) [Talk]
M. Beckingham Diffractive Photoproduction of J/psi Mesons with Large Momentum Transfer DIS 2003 (St. Petersburg) [Talk]
P. Fleischmann Elastic photoproduction of J/psi mesons and rho meson production in DIS at low t DIS 2003 (St. Petersburg) [Talk]
J. Olsson Meson Production and Spectroscopy at HERA Meson 2002 (Krakow) [Talk] [Writeup]
X. Janssen Rho meson electroproduction at high Q2 and high t2 DIS 2002 (Krakow) [Talk] [Writeup]
A. Meyer Vector meson production at HERA Generalized Parton Distributions (WE-HERAEUS Seminar, Bad Honnef) [Talk]
A. Meyer Vector meson production at large Q^2 and |t| at HERA EPS-HEP 2001 (Budapest) [Talk] [Writeup]
K. Krueger Vector Meson Production at HERA EDS (Blois) Workshop 2001 (Pruhonice,Czech Rep.) [Talk]
C. Collard Measurement of density matrix elements for rho meson electroproduction as a function of |t| DIS 2001 (Bologna) [Talk] [Writeup]
D. Brown Proton dissociative photoproduction of J/psi at high |t| DIS 2001 (Bologna) [Talk] [Writeup]
R. Stamen Diffractive Production of Vector Particles (incl. DVCS) Low-X Workshop 2000 (Oxford) [Talk]

H1 Internal Talks

F.-P. Schilling Diffraction in H1 - An Overview H1 Physics Plenary (09/2001) [Talk]
P. Newman There is Diffraction at HERA-2! H1 Physics Plenary (12/2000) [Talk]
J. Dainton Diffraction and the QCD Structure of Hadronic Interactions H1 Physics Plenary (12/1999) [Talk (1)]
[Talk (2)]

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