First week of the 2003 shutdown

PIC-113-04half 6.3.2003:
Shielding stones removed
PIC-113-05half Shielding at +z between tunnel and Forward Muon Detector.
PIC-113-06half This wall will come down tomorrow!
PIC-113-07half Space needed for VFPS bypass transfer.
PIC-114-04half .
PIC-114-06half .
PIC-114-08half .
PIC-113-15half Hadronic Spacal already removed.
PIC-113-16half Insert of EM Spacal being removed.
PIC-113-17half It fits tightly around the GG magnet.
PIC-113-10half Beam pipe flanges at NR 14m
between the GM proton final focus half-quadrupole magnets (yellow).
PIC-113-11half The Cu beam pipe apparently got hot.
The beam position monitor is OK.
PIC-113-12half The burned spot is only on the ring inside.
Synchrotron radiation should only be on the ring outside.
PIC-114-01half .
PIC-114-02half .
PIC-114-03half .
PIC-114-09half .
PIC-114-20half BPC.
PIC-114-13half .
PIC-114-14half GG transition flange and bellow.
This region got warm with e+ beam and will be modified.
PIC-114-15half .
PIC-114-16half .
PIC-114-17half .

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