The H1 ToF and VETO Systems

Image of H1
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Talks and Presentations

Online information, shift instructions etc.. (outdated)

Rate monitor history

How to restart TOF-DAQ, recover from power glitch, etc. (V.Dodonov) (the old instruction )

Switching On/Off VETO counters

Plots, diagrams, photos

BSTOF counter installed (photo) , (other photos) , (more photos)

New BTOF counter is assembled and installed (photo 1) , (photo 2) , (drawing)

New BTS (Backward Taggind System) counters installed next to VETO counters.

STOF counter is repaired and installed (drawing)

Scheme of a new TOF DAQ (ps-file)

Proposed scheme of updated TOF/VETO/FTS rate and 'beam-dump'-system (pdf-file)

some photos

Other Documentation

The H1 TOF System in 1996 and 1997 (Internal Note)

Offline usage of the H1 vetosystem (Software note 38-05/93)

Note about the upgrade of the ToF and VETO System (Jan 99)

Short description of the modifications of the H1
Time-of-Flight System in the framework of the H1/HERA upgrade

Figures of the Note (EPS files)

Fig-1: Sketch of ToF system after the year 2000.
Fig-2: Sketch of the upgraded H1 Detector.
Fig-3: Sketch of the ToF electronics setup.
Fig-4: Sketch of the VETO electronics setup.


List of H1-notes, Diploma theses and others:

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