H1 and ZEUS talks at conferences in 2005

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Guidelines for H1 Conference Speakers

HeraLHC   HERA and the LHC
March 2004...January 2005 CERN and DESY
Epiphany   Cracow Epiphany Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
6th...8th January Cracow, Poland
Christiane Risler (H1):   Recent results from H1     (slides)     (writeup)  
Rik Yoshida (ZEUS):   Recent results from ZEUS     (slides)  
Exotics   Exotic States; Challenges for QCD
17th...21st January Bad Honnef, Germany
Karin Daum (H1):   The theta_c at H1     (slides)  
Aspen2005   The Highest Energy Physics
13th...19th February Aspen, Colorado, USA
Rik Yoshida (ZEUS):   HERA Results     (slides)  
LakeLouise2005   Winter Institute 2005 on Fundamental Interactions
20th...26th February Alberta, Canada
Bob Olivier (H1):   Hadron spectroscopy in ep collisions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Philipp Fleischmann (H1):   Heavy flavour production in high energy ep collisions  
Victor Lendermann (H1):   Measurement of proton structure at the HERA collider     (slides)     (writeup)  
D. Kcira (ZEUS):   Jet production at HERA and the measurement of alpha_s     (slides)     (writeup)  
A. Montanari (ZEUS):   Searches for new physics at HERA  
Shinji Kagawa (ZEUS):   Studies of the structure of diffraction and the diffractive final state in ep collisions     (slides)  
ExoticHadrons   Workshop on Pentaquarks and Exotic Hadrons
21st...25th February ECT* Trent, Italy
Katerina Lipka (H1):   H1 results on exotic hadrons     (slides)  
LaThuile2005   Nineteenth Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
27th February...5th March La Thuile, Vallee d'Aoste, Italy
Judith Katzy (H1):   Electroweak studies and searches for new physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Davide Boscherini (ZEUS):   Production and properties of heavy flavour hadrons and multiquark states     (slides)     (writeup)  
DPG2005   DPG Fruehjahrstagung Teilchenphysik
4th...9th March Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Olaf Behnke (H1):   Schwere Quarks bei HERA     (slides)  
Moritz Karbach (H1):   LCG2-basierte MonteCarlo Produktion bei H1     (slides)  
MoriondEW2005   Fortieth Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
5th...12th March La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Christian Schwanenberger (H1):   Searches for new physics in ep collisions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Julian Rautenberg (ZEUS) :   Electroweak measurements in the high energy collisions of protons and leptons     (slides)     (writeup)  
MoriondQCD2005   Fortieth Rencontres de Moriond on QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions
12th...19th March La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
Sebastian Schaetzl (H1):   Measurements of the structure of diffraction and of the diffractive final state at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Jeannine Wagner (H1):   Charm production in high energy ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
Sebastian Schmidt (H1):   Spectroscopic measurements using the H1 and ZEUS detectors     (slides)     (writeup)  
Ingo Bloch (ZEUS):   Studies of beauty at H1 and ZEUS     (slides)  
A. Savin (ZEUS):   Jet measurements and the extraction of the strong coupling constant at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
C. Targett-Adams (ZEUS):   Structure functions measurements in high energy ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
IopHepp2005   IoP High Energy Particle Physics Conference 2005
21st...23rd March Dublin, Ireland
DIS2005   Thirteenth International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering
27th April...1st May Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Session: Plenaries
Olaf Behnke (H1):   Recent results from H1     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Future of DIS
Max Klein (H1):   The Future of HERA and Beyond ?     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Structure functions and low x physics
Ewelina Lobodzinska (H1):   Measurement of the proton structure function F2 at low Q2 in QED compton scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Alexey Petrukhin (H1):   Measurement of F2 and determination of the longitudinal proton structure function FL at low Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
Andrei Nikiforov (H1):   Measurement of the polarisation dependence of the total charged current cross section     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Diffraction
Christian Kiesling (H1):   Elastic J/psi production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Carl Gwilliam (H1):   Diffractive photoproduction of rho mesons with large momentum transfer at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Sasha Glazov (H1):   Measurement of deeply virtual Compton scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Paul Laycock (H1):   H1 F2D and diffractive charge current results     (slides)     (writeup)  
Matthias Mozer (H1):   Diffractive dijets in photoproduction and DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Matthew Beckingham (H1):   Diffractive D* mesons in photoproduction and DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Tinne Anthonis (H1):   The hadronic final state in diffraction     (slides)     (writeup)  
Armen Buniatyan (H1):   Measurement of the dijet cross section for events with a leading neutron in ep interactions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Hadronic final states
Jozef Ferencei (H1):   Measurement of prompt photon cross sections in photoproduction at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Albert Knutsson (H1):   Measurement of forward jet production at low x in DIS     (slides)  
Christiane Risler (H1):   H1 search for a narrow baryonic resonance decaying to K0s p(pbar)     (slides)     (writeup)  
Karin Daum (H1):   Analysis of the anti-charmed baryon state at H1     (slides)     (writeup)  
Thomas Kluge (H1):   Jet production at high Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Heavy Flavours
Zuzana Rurikova (H1):   Production of the D+, D0, Ds+ and D*+ in DIS and the charm fragmentation function     (slides)     (writeup)  
Tatsiana Klimkovich (H1):   Measurement of F2ccbar and F2bbar at low and high Q2 using the H1 vertex detector     (slides)     (writeup)  
Olaf Benhke (H1):   Measurement of beauty production at HERA using events with muons and jets     (slides)     (writeup)  
Nick Malden (H1):   Measurement of charm and beauty photoproduction at HERA using D* mu correlations     (slides)  
Lars Finke (H1):   Measurement of beauty production at HERA using inclusive lifetime tagging     (slides)     (writeup)  
Gero Flucke (H1):   Photoproduction of D* mesons associated with a jet at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Adrian Perieanu (H1):   Charm jets in DIS     (slides)     (writeup)  
Maria Martisikova (H1):   Analysis of gluon and charm jets in charm events     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Electroweak and BSM
Benjamin Portheault (H1):   A determination of the W boson mass and the light quark couplings to the Z boson     (slides)     (writeup)  
Christian Veelken (H1):   Isolated lepton searches at H1     (slides)     (writeup)  
Dave South (H1):   SUSY searches at H1     (slides)     (writeup)  
Andre Schoening (H1):   Multi-lepton events and searches for the doubly charged Higgs at H1     (slides)     (writeup)  
Linus Lindfeld (H1):   Searches for leptoquarks and for lepton flavour violation with the H1 experiment     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Plenary
Elisabetta Gallo (ZEUS):   ZEUS results     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Electroweak and Beyond the Standard Model Working Group
Krzysztof Piotrzkowski (ZEUS):   Single W boson production at HERA     (slides)  
Claus Horn (ZEUS):   SUSY Searches at ZEUS     (slides)  
Guiseppe Barbagli (ZEUS):   Search for lepton flavor violation at ZEUS     (slides)  

Session: Hadronic Final States Working Group
Zhenhai Ren_ (ZEUS):   The search for strange pentaquarks at ZEUS     (slides)  
Yehuda Eisenberg (ZEUS):   Charm pentaquarks (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Claudia Glasman (ZEUS):   Precision measurements of alpha_s at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Jeff Standage (ZEUS):   Inclusive jet cross sections in DIS (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Juan Terron (ZEUS):   Study of color dynamics (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Adam Everett (ZEUS):   Event shapes (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Anna Galas (ZEUS):   Neutral- and charged-kaon Bose-Einstein correlations in DIS (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Artur Ukleja (ZEUS):   Azimuthal asymmetries in DIS (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Teresa Tymieniecka (ZEUS):   Azimuthal asymmetries in e+p DIS at HERA     (slides)  
Nikolai Vlasov (ZEUS):   Forward jets in DIS (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Aharon Levy (ZEUS):   NLO photon parton parametrization using ee and ep data     (slides)  
Michelle Rosin (ZEUS):   Charged multiplicity distributions (ZEUS)     (slides)  
Andrew Cottrell (ZEUS):   Polarization and Asymmetries in Neutral Strange Particle Production (ZEUS)     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Diffraction and Vector Mesons Working Group Working Group
D. Szuba (ZEUS):   Vector mesons production at ZEUS     (slides)     (writeup)  
H. Lim (ZEUS):   ZEUS F2D results     (slides)  
L. Adamczyk (ZEUS):   ZEUS results on rapidity gap events in charged and neutral current processes at large Q2     (slides)  
A. Levy (ZEUS):   Pomeron structure and diffractive parton densities     (slides)  
R. Renner (ZEUS):   Diffractive dijets in photoproduction at ZEUS     (slides)  
H. Kowalski (ZEUS):   Measurement of hard and soft diffraction at the LHC     (slides)  
K. Piotrzkowski (ZEUS):   Studies of high energy photon interactions at the LHC     (slides)  

Session: Structure Function Working Group
Alex Tapper (ZEUS):   Polarized NC & CC measurements     (slides)  
Yujin Ning (ZEUS):   NC cross-sections at high x     (slides)  
Juan Terron (ZEUS):   ZEUS PDFs     (slides)  
Claire Gwenlan (ZEUS):   Impact of HERA-II data on the PDFs     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Heavy Flavours Working Group
Gayane Aghuzumtsyan (ZEUS):   Charm production at low Q2 with ZEUS     (slides)  
Takanori Kohno (ZEUS):   Jet Cross Sections in D* Photoproduction with ZEUS     (slides)  
Alexej Antonov (ZEUS):   ZEUS Measurement of Inelastic J/psi production in DIS     (slides)  
Roberval Walsh (ZEUS):   Measurements of Charmed Hadrons Production in DIS with ZEUS     (slides)  
Richard Hall-Wilton (ZEUS):   ZEUS Results on Charm and Beauty Production at HERA-II     (slides)  
Andrea Longhin (ZEUS):   ZEUS Measurement of Beauty Production from muon-muon Correlations     (slides)  

Session: Summary Talks
Jo Cole (ZEUS):   Structure Function Working Group     (slides)  
Massimo Corradi (ZEUS):   Heavy Flavours Working Group     (slides)  
Alex Tapper (ZEUS):   Electroweak & Beyond the Standard Model Working Group     (slides)  
Xavier Janssen (H1):   Diffraction Working Group     (writeup)  
PHENO2005   Phenomenology Symposium 2005
2nd...4th May University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Andre Schoening (H1):   Searches for new physics at HERA     (slides)  
Blois2005   Eleventh International Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering: Towards High Energy Frontiers
15th...20th May Chateau de Blois, France
Mikhail Kapishine (H1):   Inclusive diffraction in deep inelastic scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Laurent Favart (H1):   Deeply virtual Compton scattering and prompt photon production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Alessia Bruni (ZEUS):   Vector meson production at HERA     (slides)  
Henri Kowalski (ZEUS):   Small x and diffractive physics at HERA     (slides)  
Yuji Yamazaki (ZEUS):   Diffractive dijet and D* production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Maria Soares (ZEUS):   Leading baryon production at HERA     (slides)  
CTEQSchool2005   2005 CTEQ Summer School
19th...27th May Puebla, Mexico
Guillermo Contreras (H1):   Small-x in DIS     (slides)  
ACAT2005   Tenth International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research
22nd...27th May DESY-Zeuthen, Germany
STORI05   6th International Conference on Nuclear Physics at Storage Rings
23rd...26th May Juelich-Bonn, Germany
Max Klein (H1):   Proton Structure and QCD at HERA     (slides)  
FCP2005   Frontiers in Contemporary Physics
23rd...28th May Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
Christian Schwanenberger (H1):   Electroweak physics in ep collisions at HERA     (slides)  
Chi-Nhan Nguyen (ZEUS):   Searches for new physics at HERA     (slides)  
Catherine Fry (ZEUS):   The measurement and study of proton structure in high energy ep collisions     (slides)  
PASCOS2005   Eleventh International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology
30th May...4th June Gyeongji, Korea
Masahiro Kuze (ZEUS):   A review of recent results from HERA     (slides)  
WIN2005   Weak Interactions and Neutrinos 2005
6th...11th June Delphi, Greece
Hinrich Meyer (H1):   Electroweak measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Lorenzo Bellagamba (ZEUS):   Higgs and SUSY searches at HERA     (slides)  
Beauty2005   Tenth International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines
20th...24th June Assisi, Italy
Benno List (H1):   Heavy flavour production in DIS at HERA     (slides)  
Silvia Miglioranzi (ZEUS):   The photoproduction of heavy quarks at HERA     (slides)  
Lowx2005   Low x meeting
29th June...2nd July Sinaia, Romania
Dan Traynor (H1):   Studies of the hadronic final state with the H1 detector     (slides)  
Alice Valkarova (H1):   H1 measurements of the structure of diffraction and tests of factorisation     (slides)  
Carl Gwilliam (H1):   H1 measurements of deeply virtual Compton scattering and vector meson production     (slides)  
Katja Krueger (H1):   H1 measurements of F2, F2c and F2b     (slides)  
Eddi DeWolf (H1):   Studies of the diffractive final state with the H1 detector     (slides)  
LP2005   XXII International Symposium on Lepton-Photon Interactions at High Energy
30th June...5th July Uppsala, Sweden
Cristinel Diaconu:   Electroweak measurements     (slides)     (writeup)  
J.M. Butterworth:   Quantum Chromodynamics at Colliders     (writeup)  
HCP2005   Hadron Collider Physics Symposium
4th...9th July Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Max Klein (H1):   HERA QCD results, what they mean for the LHC     (slides)     (writeup)  
QCD05   Twelfth High Energy Physics International Conference on Quantum Chromodynamics
4th...9th July Montpellier, France
Ilya Tsurin (H1):   Studies of proton structure at the HERA ep collider     (slides)  
Anatoli Astvatsatourov (H1):   The structure of diffraction and the diffractive hadronic final state in ep collisions at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Igor Katkov (ZEUS):   Heavy flavour production in high energy ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
Peter Bussey (ZEUS):   Hadronic Final States at HERA     (slides)  
PIC2005   Twenty-fifth International Conference on Physics In Collision
6th...9th July Prague, Czech Republic
Zhiqing Zhang (H1):   Physics from polarised ep scattering at high Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
Juan Terron (ZEUS):   Tests of QCD in ep scattering     (slides)  
SUSY2005   Thirteenth International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions
18th...23rd July IPPP Durham, England
Nichol Brummer (ZEUS):   Search for SUSY phenomena at HERA     (slides)  
Gerhard Brandt (H1):   Search for exotic physics at HERA     (slides)  
Emmanuelle Perez:   Searches for New Phenomena non-SUSY scenarios     (slides)  
HEP2005   International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
21st...27th July Lisbon, Portugal

Session: Plenary
Tim Greenshaw:   Test of the QCD sector of the SM     (slides)  

Session: Beyond the Standard Model
Volker Adler (ZEUS):   Search for R-parity violating gaugino and gravitino production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Julia Fourletova (ZEUS):   Search for R-parity violating squark production at HERA     (slides)  
Stefan Schmitt (H1):   Search for leptoquarks and lepton flavour violation at HERA     (slides)  
Emmanuel Sauvan (H1):   Search for the doubly charged Higgs at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
James Ferrando (ZEUS):   Isolated leptons with missing transverse momentum and search for single top production     (slides)  
Ana Dubak (H1):   A general search for new phenomena at HERA and a search for magnetic monopoles     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Tests of the Standard Model
Hiroshi Kaji (ZEUS):   Polarised cross sections in DIS     (slides)  
Zhiqing Zhang (H1):   Determination of electroweak parameters at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  

Session: Hard QCD
Claire Gwenlan (ZEUS):   The structure of the proton and NLO QCD fits     (slides)     (writeup)  
Arnd Specka (H1):   Jets and alpha_s     (slides)     (writeup)  
Patrick Ryan (ZEUS):   Forward jet production     (slides)  
Carsten Niebuhr (H1):   Dijets at low x and low Q^2     (slides)     (writeup)  
Marcos Jimenez (ZEUS):   Jet correlations     (slides)  
Claudia Glasman (ZEUS):   Event and jet shapes     (slides)  
Olaf Behrendt (H1):   F_2 at low Q^2     (slides)     (writeup)  
Vladimir Chekelian (H1):   Heavy quarks in DIS, F_2^charm and F_2^beauty     (slides)     (writeup)  
Serguei Fourletovv (ZEUS):   Open charm in photoproduction and DIS at HERA     (slides)  
Juraj Bracinik (H1):   Charm fragmentation     (slides)     (writeup)  
Gero Flucke (H1):   Final state correlations in charm production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Beate Naroska (H1):   Beauty production     (slides)  
Massimo Corradi (ZEUS):   Heavy quarks with a lifetime tag     (slides)  
Riccardo Brugnera (ZEUS):   Inelastic J/psi production     (slides)  

Session: Hadronic Physics
Chuanlei Liu (ZEUS):   Particle production     (slides)     (writeup)  
Eddi DeWolf (H1):   Charged multiplicities in inclusive and diffractive DIS     (slides)  
Dima Ozerov (H1):   The charmed pentaquark     (slides)     (writeup)  
Sergei Chekanov (ZEUS):   The strange pentaquark     (slides)     (writeup)  
Jan Olsson (H1):   Elastic vector mesons     (slides)     (writeup)  
Marta Ruspa (ZEUS):   Vector mesons at high t     (slides)  
Laurent Schoeffel (H1):   Inclusive NC and CC diffraction     (slides)     (writeup)  
William Schmidke (ZEUS):   Leading neutrons     (slides)  
Toshinari Tawara (ZEUS):   Jet production in diffractive processes     (slides)     (writeup)  
Roger Wolf_ (H1):   D* production in diffractive processes     (slides)     (writeup)  
ISMD2005   Thirty-fifth International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
9th...15th August Kromeriz, Czech Republic
Bruce Straub (ZEUS):   Factorisation and factorisation breaking in non-diffractive scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Sergey Levonian (H1):   Factorisation and factorisation breaking in diffractive scattering at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Leszek Zawiejski (ZEUS):   Soft physics at HERA     (slides)  
Benoit Delcourt (H1):   Multiplicity structure of inclusive and diffractive scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Wenbiao Yan (H1):   Energy flow, multiplicities at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Meng Wang (ZEUS):   Heavy flavours in high energy ep collisons     (slides)     (writeup)  
Kamil Sedlak (H1):   Jets in photoproduction at HERA (20+5')     (slides)     (writeup)  
Hadron2005   XI International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
21st...26th August Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Thomas Kluge (H1):   Studies of heavy flavour production and the hadronic final state in high energy ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
Tobias Haas (ZEUS):   The dynamics of proton structure, recent results from HERA     (slides)  
PhotonCentenary   Centenary of the Photon
30th August Warsaw, Poland
Photon2005   International Workshop on the Structure and Interactions of the Photon
31st August...4th September Warsaw, Poland
Joerg Gayler (H1):   Recent results in prompt photon production     (slides)     (writeup)  
Andreas Meyer (H1):   Heavy Flavor production     (slides)     (writeup)  
H. Kowalski (ZEUS):   Introduction to small x physics and diffraction     (slides)  
Manuel Zambrana (ZEUS) :   Charm production at HERA     (slides)  
Isabell Melzer (ZEUS) :   Diffraction at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Thomas Schoener-Sadenius (ZEUS) :   Jets in gamma-p and ep scattering     (slides)     (writeup)  
Uta Stosslein (ZEUS) :   Inclusive cross section measurements in ep collisions     (slides)  
Paul Thompson (H1) :   Heavy flavour contribution to the proton structure function     (slides)     (writeup)  
Christoph Grab (H1) :   Beauty production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Xavier Janssen (H1) :   Prompt Photons and Deeply virtual Compton scattering in ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
Anna Kropivnitskaya (H1) :   Resonance searches in ep collisions     (slides)     (writeup)  
C2CR2005   From Colliders to Cosmic Rays
7th...13th September Prague, Czech Republic
Rainer Mankel (ZEUS):   Hadronic Final State     (slides)     (writeup)  
Terry Sloan (H1):   Inclusive reactions     (slides)  
Crimea2005   New Trends in High Energy Physics
10th...17th September Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Gerd Buschhorn (H1):   Recent results from H1  
Alessandro Polini (ZEUS):   Recent Results from ZEUS  
HSQCD2005   Hadron Structure and QCD: from Low to High Energies
20th...24th September St. Petersburg, Russia
Yongdok Ri (ZEUS) :   Electroweak measurements at HERA     (slides)  
Leonid Gladilin (ZEUS) :   Spectroscopy in ep collisions     (slides)  
Mark Sutton (ZEUS) :   Hadronic final state and parton dynamics at HERA     (slides)  
Mark Bell (ZEUS) :   Beauty and charm physics at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Joerg Gayler (H1) :   Proton Structure from HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Vitaly Dodonov (H1) :   Diffraction at HERA     (slides)  
Dave South (H1) :   BSM searches     (slides)     (writeup)  
Niklaus Berger (H1) :   Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA     (slides)  
Joerg Gayler:   Experimental summary     (slides)     (writeup)  
DESYtheory   DESY Theory Workshop
27th...30th September DESY, Hamburg, Germany
Vladimir Chekelian (H1):   Highlights from HERA     (slides)  
Como2005   Ninth ICATPP Conference on Astroparticle, Particle and Space Physics Detectors and Medical Physics Applications
17th...21st October Villa Omo, Como, Italy
Ringberg2005   Ringberg Workshop on "New Trends in HERA Physics 2005"
2th...7th October Ringberg Castle
Joachim Meyer (H1):   Electroweak measurements at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Joel Feltesse (H1):   On a measurement of the longitudinal structure function FL at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Olaf Behnke (H1):   Beauty Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Victor Lenderman (H1):   Measurements at low Q2     (slides)     (writeup)  
Lydia Goerlich (H1):   QCD dynamics from the forward hadrons and jets measurements     (slides)     (writeup)  
Dan Traynor (H1):   Jet Production at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Laurent Favart (H1):   Inclusive Diffraction and DVCS present measurements and prospects     (slides)     (writeup)  
Emmanuelle Perez (H1):   Beyond the Standard Model Searches at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Katarzyna Wichmann (ZEUS):   Proton structure measurements at high Q2 and x     (slides)     (writeup)  
Amanda Cooper-Sarkar (ZEUS):   Hadronic final state and extraction of alphas and parton densities     (slides)     (writeup)  
David Saxon (ZEUS):   Particle production and fragmentation     (slides)     (writeup)  
John Loizides (ZEUS):   Physics with charm quarks at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Henry Kowalski (ZEUS):   Exclusive diffractive processes     (slides)     (writeup)  
Katsuo Tokushuku (ZEUS):   New resonances in the hadronic final state at HERA     (slides)     (writeup)  
Graeme Watt:   Diffractive parton density functions     (slides)     (writeup)  
PANIC2005   Particles and Nuclei International Conference
24th...28th October Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Andrew Mehta (H1):   Proton Structure from HERA Measurements     (slides)  
PQ2005   Pentaquark 2005
20th...22th October Jefferson Lab., USA
Christiane Risler (H1):   Pentaquark Searches with H1 at HERA     (slides)  
Uri Karshon (ZEUS):   Pentaquark Searches in ZEUS     (slides)  
GDR2005SUSY   5th EuroGDR Supersymmetry 2005
2nd..5th November Barcelona, Spain
Emmanuelle Perez (H1):   BSM Physics at HERA     (slides)  
ISLAMABAD2005   4th Particle Physics Workshop
14th..19th November Islamabad, Pakistan
Nelly Gogitidze (H1):   Physics at high Q2 with polarized lepton beam at HERA  

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