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Reference March 2019
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Contact I. Abt
Abstract The HERAPDF2.0 family, introduced in 2015, is completed with fits HERAPDF2.0Jets NNLO (prel.) based on inclusive HERA data and selected jet production data. The result of a fit with the strong coupling constant, alpha_s(m_Z), free is alpha_s(m_Z) = 0.1150 +- 0.0008 (exp) +0.0002-0.0005 (model/parameterisation) +- 0.0006 (hadronisation) +- 0.0027 (scale). Sets of parton density functions, PDFs, from fits with fixed alpha_s(m_Z) = 0.115 and alpha_s(m_Z) = 0.118 are presented and compared. The PDFs from the fit with fixed alpha_s(m_Z) = 0.118 are also compared to the PDFs from HERAPDF2.0 NNLO. Predictions from the PDFs of HERAPDF2.0Jets NNLO (prel.) with fixed alpha_s(m_Z) = 0.115 are compared to the jet production data used as input. The predictions describe the data very well.
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