Exclusive Photoproduction of 2pi+2pi- Final State at HERA

Reference April 2018
Document Conference paper or talk
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Contact S. Levonian
Abstract Exclusive production of four charged pions at the ep collider HERA is studied at small photon virtualities Q^2 < 2 GeV^2. The data were taken with the H1 detector in the years 2006 and 2007 at a centre-of-mass energies of 319 GeV and 225 GeV and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 7.6 pb-1 and 1.7 pb-1 respectively. The cross section of the reaction gamma p -> (2pi+2pi-)Y is determined in the phase space of 35 < W < 100 GeV, |t| < 1 GeV2 and M_Y < 1.6 GeV. The 4pi mass spectra indicate that the reaction proceeds predominantly via production and decay of rho-prime resonances. The fit however does not allow yet to distinguish unambiguously between the hypothesis of one or two broad and overlapping rho-prime resonances.
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