K*+- production at low Q2

Reference preliminiary ICHEP 2008, July 2008
Document Conference paper or talk
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Contact D. Sunar, E. de Wolf Analysis webpage
Abstract First measurements of K*(892) vector mesons, observed through the decay chain K*+- --> K0s pi+-, in neutral current deep-inelastic ep scattering with the H1 detector are presented. The analysis is based on data taken in the HERA-II running period. Inclusive cross sections are presented as a function of the transverse momentum squared P_T*^2, the rapidity y* and the centre-of-mass energy W of the hadronic final state. The phase space of the events is restricted to 4 < Q2 < 100 GeV2, 0.1 < y < 0.6 and -1.5 < eta(K*) < 1.5. The results are compared to predictions of leading order Monte Carlo models matched with parton showers.
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