H1 and ZEUS

Electroweak Neutral Currents at HERA

Reference H1 & ZEUS combined results, presented by V. Chekelian at ICHEP 06, Summer 2006
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Contact M. Klein, E. Rizvi, V. Chekelian
Abstract Measurements by the H1 and ZEUS collaborations of the neutral current cross sections of deep inelastic polarised electron and positron-proton scattering are combined in order to investigate the interference of weak and electromagnetic interactions at high four-momentum transfer squared, Q2. The data provide the most accurate measurements of the interference structure function xF3^{gamma Z}, which is sensitive to the valence quark distributions down to lower values of Bjorken x. The data on polarised cross section asymmetries, A^{\pm}, lead to the first observation of parity violation in neutral current e^{\pm} p scattering at distances down to 10^{-18} m.
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