The Charm Fragmentation Function in DIS

Reference Z. Rurikova, presented at DIS2005, Spring 2005
Document Conference paper or talk
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Contact Z. Rurikova, J. Bracinik, G. Grindhammer
Abstract The charm fragmentation function is measured in deep-inelastic e-p collisions at HERA.Two different approaches are used to determine the energy fraction transferred from the charm quark to the charm meson. In the first approach, the energy of the quark is approximated by the energy of the jet which contains the reconstructed D*-meson. In the second approach, the event is divided into two hemispheres. The energy in the hemisphere containing the D*-meson is used as an approximation of that of the charm quark. The fractional energy distribution of the D*-mesons, corrected for detector effects, are compared to predictions of QCD-inspired Monte Carlo models. Thus, parameters of various fragmentation functions are determined.
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