Measurement of F_2^{car{c}} and F_2^{bar{b}} at Low Q^2 and x using the H1 Vertex Detector at HERA

Reference H1 Collab., A. Aktas et al., Eur.Phys.J.C45 (2006) 23-33 ,   07/05
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Comments 16 Feb. 2007: figures 5 and 6 have been replaced. In the original figures the y-axis scale for left and right plots was different and now the same scale is used for better visibility. The values of the data points and theory curves have not changed.

16. Feb. 2007: Comparisons using updated MRST NNLO calculation F2cc F2bb

Comparisons with a massless calculation (H1PDF2000): F2cc; F2bb.

The detailed table of errors can be found here.