International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, HEP97
August 9-26 1997 Jerusalem, Israel

Submitted Papers and Abstracts

Reading and Printing ps files

The abstracts and/or papers are available as postscript files
Files are stored in compressed form, (.gz),
under /h1/iww/ipsfiles/confpap/jerusalem97/<filename>.ps.gz
The files can be viewed and printed directly from browsers (Mosaic, Netscape,...).
If you want to print them independently you have to uncompress them:
get the filename from the bottomline of your browser
copy them into your own directory
and then use the command: gunzip 'filename_in_your directory'.
Conference papers from the ICHEP'96 Conference, Warsaw, Poland may also be of interest if they are not yet published in journals by H1.
For the preparation of talks, ps/eps files are available of all figures for members of H1. For others these figures are available following consultation with the H1 Physics Coordinator or Spokesman.

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