Results  of the High Pt / Q2 analysis group on 

High PT Isolated leptons and W Production

H1 contributed papers to conferences 
  • April 2001,Bologna, Italy, DIS2001 Update with full HERA I statistics (Eds. C.Diaconu,N.Malden,A.Mehta,M.Schneider)
  • July 2000,Osaka, Japan, ICHEP 2000 (Eds. C.Diaconu,N.Malden,A.Mehta)
  • HiP preliminary results for spring/summer 2002  
    Locked Information on the events  

    Conference Contributions written by members of H1 (or ZEUS) 
  • N. Malden ,DIS002, Cracow
  • C. Diaconu, DIS2001,Bologna
  • A. Mehta ,ICHEP2000,Osaka

  • Talks given by Members of H1 (or ZEUS) 
  • W production at HERA-Andrew Mehta -ICHEP 2000
  • W production at H1-Andrew Mehta -DESY Seminar
  • High Pt lepton events seen by ZEUS-Masahiro Kuze-DESY Seminar

  • Previous Results  
  • DIS2000 Isolated Leptons and W production (Spring 2000 Preliminary)
  • W production August 1999, Stanford, USA. LP 99
  • Isolated leptons and missing PT analysis< 1994-1997 (Summer 1998 final) and 1998-1999 data (Summer 1999 preliminary)

  • H1 publications
    In preparation.
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