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Calibration and Alignment for Precision Tracking

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Calibration Results

(Click on the pictures to get a ghost view.)

First release of CJC calibration from C. Kleinwort: Test it!!!!

Group internal meetings

Who is doing what

  Tasks   Persons
  Convenors   O. Behnke, F. Sefkow
  Data production   B.Heinemann, D. Pitzl
  Quality assessment   S. Schmitt
  CST alignment   D. Pitzl, O. Behnke
  CJC rphi-calibration and alignment   C. Kleinwort, B. Heinemann
  CJC drift field distortions   S. Mohrdieck, D. Duenkelmann
  CJC z-calibration   V. Blobel 
  CIZ calibration and alignment   S. Hengstmann,  F. Sefkow
  COZ calibration and alignment   T. Kurca
  RZ Superfit   C. Diaconu
  CJC MC    K. Daum
  FTD   B. Heinemann, J. Morris, G. Patel
  BDC   ??
  BST   T. Naumann, P. Reimer

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