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Gerhard Brandt

Armen Buniatyan

John Dainton
H1 Spokesman

Laurent Favart
Diffraction, DVCS, GPDs,...

Alexandre Fedotov

Manfred Fleischer
Calorimeter Coordination / Radiative Corrections

Joerg Gayler

Nelly Gogitidze
luminosity group

Christoph Grab
Convener of "Heavy Flavour Physics Working Group"

Timothy Greenshaw

Guenter Grindhammer

Dieter Haidt

Dirk Hoffmann
Working on the L2TT trigger and dilepton event during my thesis. Now responsible for the Calorimeter DAQ systems.

Hannes Jung
Monte Carlos and all that.......

Dirk Kruecker
There is more out there than physics

Sergey Levonian
Luminosity / Photoproduction / Diffraction / LOOK

Benno List
Looking for leading protons in DIS with the FPS. Maintaining diffVM, a Monte Carlo generator for diffractive processes in ep collisions based on the VDM.

Hans-Ulrich Martyn

Andrew Mehta
Diffractive Working Group

Andreas Meyer
Please add the entry of my homepage to http://www-h1.desy.de/h1/www/general/pplist.html

Joachim Meyer

Paul R. Newman

Carsten Niebuhr

Jan Erik Olsson

Dmitri Ozerov

Eram Rizvi

Andrei Rostovtsev

Andre Schoening

Felix Sefkow

Paul Thompson
The new Birmingham student who likes muons

Zhiqing Zhang
FPC, F2, Radiative -> FL ...

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