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Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron
DESY: Phone book, Date book
Other Experiments (at DESY)
DESY Fellowship Programme
DESY Library
inSPIRE (new) HEP information system
SPIRES for articles, conferences and other publications
SPIRES-OPAC (old) common form for books and publications
Aleph-OPAC: Books in DESY libraries (master DB, most up to date)
New accessions: preprints and books (weekly list)
DESY Preprints, Thesis, Proceedings
Computer Center
User Consulting Office (UCO)
Printers at DESY: Homepage, List, Status of network printers
Obtain a form for User Registration
Internet Telephony with CERN, SLAC and FNAL
WWW Services at DESY
Stock-Catalog (English, Deutsch)
DESY canteen menu
Guest Services

High Energy Physics

Selected Conference Information
HEP Institutes
CERN: Databases (Phones etc.), Seminars, WebLib
FERMILAB -- Phones
SLAC -- Phones
other HEP institutes
Other HEP Information
List of homepages of HEP Experiments
Particle Data Group
High Energy Physics Information Center (HEPIC)
Links to databases:
The Durham/RAL databases HEPDATA
The e-Print archive at LANL (german mirror)
Access to the QSPIRES HEP Database at SLAC
inSPIRE - HEP literature database
Some selected offers of Jobs in HEP
HEP Journals Online
The European Physical Journal C
Physical Review D
Zeitschrift für Physik C / European Physical Journal C
Physics Letters B
jHEP journal
Scientific Press (list)
Electronic Journals (list by DESY library)


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