Librarians for  H1 Software Packages

   Program Package   Librarian
 h1rec   Doug Jansen 
 h1sim   Vladimir Chekelyan
 h1util   Vladimir Chekelyan
 h1phan   Pierre van Mechelen 
 h1unix   Ursula Berthon
 h1look/h1ed   Smain Kermiche
 h1eclass   Peer-Oliver Meyer
 h1tox   Peter Wobisch
 h1l4   Serguei Levonian 
 h1trig   Paul Thompson
 database   Claus Kleinwort
 bos   Ralf Gerhards
 look   Alexandre Fedotov
 fpack   Evelyne Lebreton+(R. Gerhards) 
 Central Librarian     Renate Mohr 

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Last update by Thomas Hadig, Feb. 17, 2000.