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Luminosity measurements with H1 Luminosity Monitor

S. Levonian, In Harz-Seminar, Bad Lauterberg, Feb.1992, DESY-HERA-92-07, Apr 1992. 247-270.

The H1 Detector at HERA

By H1 Collaboration (I. Abt, et al.), DESY-93-103 (1993) Updated version: DESY H1-96-01 (1996), accepted by NIM. Chapter 7. Luminosity system and electron tagger.

Experimental Study of Hard Photon Radiation Processes at HERA

By H1 Collaboration (T. Ahmed et al.), DESY-95-024 / Z.Phys. C66(1995)529

Luminosity Measurement in the H1 Experiment at HERA

Paper submitted to XXVIII ICHEP at Warsaw (1996)

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