Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in ep Collisions at HERA

Reference ICHEP04, Summer 2004
Document Conference paper
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Contact L Lindfeld, M Ismail
Abstract #A search for lepton flavor violating (LFV) processes mediated by leptoquarks (LQ) is performed with the H1 experiment at HERA. Final states with #a muon or a tau and a hadronic jet are searched for in a data sample collected in the period 1999-2000 corresponding to an integrated luminosity #of 66 pb^-1. No evidence for LFV is found. Limits are derived on the Yukawa coupling of LQs to a muon or tau and a light quark, lambda_{mu q, tau #q}, in the Buchmueller-Rueckl-Wyler effective model, as well as on the branching ratio, BR_{LQ -> mu q, tau q}, for the LQ decaying to a muon or #tau and a light quark.
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