Time of Flight System

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Finally - a VLQ TOF page with content:

  • Figure 1 Positions of all TOF elements in the H1 experiment.
  • Figure 2 Sketch of the VLQ area of the H1 experiment. All VLQ elements and the new narrow beampipe can be seen.
  • Figure 2 - drawing of one TOF lunette (or in detail - 1.5 MB):
  • Figure 3 all four modules mounted to the complete VLQ TOF setup. (or not gzip'd: 1.4 MB)
  • Figure 4a TOF timing.
  • Figure 4b TOF logical overview.
  • Figure 5 TOF readout & logics.
  • Figure 6 drawing of the positions of the circles denoting the measuring points.
  • Figure 7 Scetch of test setup for SR90
  • Figure 8 Picture from test setup for SR90: Charge deposit on PM and relative efficiency measurement shot from the scope, scanning the pedestal
  • Figure 9 Results from Sr90 tests for all TOF lunettes
  • Figure 10 Scetch of test setup in electron beam.
  • Figure 11 Scetch of test setup for cosmics.
  • Page with pictures of one VLQ TOF lunette in test setup (approx. 250k).
  • Figure 12 All TOF lunettes - in cosmic, electron beam and Sr90 test (15 page ps.gz file)
  • Figure 13 TOF efficiency in r from all tests
  • Figure 14 TOF efficiency in phi from all tests

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