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A short explanation of the colaboration organisation, complemented following the presciption of IUPAP-C11 recommandations.

Institutes and People
The list of the 43 institutes members of the collaboration from 18 countries.
The H1 Directories (phone and reference book of H1 People)
H1 Authors
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The members of the H1 Collaboration sign the H1 Publications according to the authorship rules (authorship rules to be made public).


H1 Management
H1 Working Groups
H1 and ZEUS
Combination Groups
H1 organigram H1 and ZEUS working groups H1 Working Groups
H1 Bodies
Collaboration Board (CB):
The CB is the "parliament" of the collaboration, where the Institutes are represented. Chaired by the Spokesperson, the CB meets three times per year.
Executive Committee (EC):
Consultative body including experienced H1 members. Chaired by the spokesperson, meets monthly. The EC members are elected by the CB for a mandate of two years, following  spokesperson's proposal.

H1  Management

Cristinel Diaconu
Principal Investigator, in charge with the scientific program and with the collaboration life, represents the collaboration in the external bodies and coordinates the activities of the collaboration. The spokesperson is elected by the Collaboration Board, after an internal nomination by all H1 members.
Deputy Spokesperson:
Daniel Pitzl emeritus/acting
Stefan Schmitt
Assist the H1 spokesperson in all coordination duties. He is elected by the CB after the proposal by the spokesperson.
Physics Cordinators:
Katja Krueger
Karin Daum
In charge with the analyses and with the physics paper production. Elected by the CB after the proposal by the spokesperson.
Computing Coordinator:
David South
In charge with the software and hardware aspects of the H1 computing. Elected by the CB after the proposal by the spokesperson.

The Central Management Team: is chaired by the spokesperson and includes: the physics coordinators, the technical coordinator, the  ressources coordinator and two senior advisors. It meets typically once per week.

H1 activity: is organised in Working Groups dealing with physical or technical aspects.
The working groups are coordonated by Working Group Convenors, responsible for the functioning of the working groups and for delivering the products (papers, software packages, maintainnance and developmenent etc.) to the H1 Collaboration. In particular, the convenors of the Physics Working Group have a crucial role in supervising the analyses and the coherence of the collaboratvie work towards the H1 physics papers production. The WG Convenors are appointed by the spokesperson after discussions in the management team. The Convenors Meeting takes place once per week - extended convenors meetings are organised during the H1 Weeks.

H1 Collaboration life:

-The work of the H1 members is debated during the various working group meetings, taking place typically once per month. A presentation in a working group meeting present the progress of the analysis and is reviewed by the working group.
-Mature work of various physics analyses, as well as the progress of the technical working groups is presented during Physics or Computing Plenaries.
-Working Groups meetings are grouped once per month in the so-called "H1 Weeks". Physics plenaries are also organised during these weeks.
-Three times per year the "Collaboration Weeks" take place. One of these weeks is external to DESY and is organised by one of the member institutes.
-The Collaboration Board meets during the Collaboration Week in two consecutive meetings (typically wednesday and thursday evening).
-The Executive Commitee meets once per week, typically on thursday evening during the H1 weeks, and on mondays during the Collaboration weeks.

Address & Delivery:
DESY-FH1, Notkestr. 85
D 22607 Hamburg
H1 Secretaries:
      +49 40 8998 - 3144 Alla Grabowsky
      +49 40 8998 - 2429 Sylvie Faverot-Spengler
+49 40 8998 - 3093
+49 40 8998 - 4385