Upgrades in the Calorimeter Area

Upgrade of the LAr calorimeter with low noise Preamplifiers

PS-file of the approved proposal (0.2 Mbyte)
Locked Abstract and pointers to single figures
Locked Detailed Schedule of the PA upgrade

Upgrade of the PLUG Calorimeter

Locked Proposal (ps.gz-File:0,3 Mbyte)

Installation of the VLQ

Recent version of the VLQ Proposal

Luminosity upgrade:

Newest version of the upgrade proposal

Upgrade of the Calorimeter DAQ

Impact on the SPACAL
Newest sketch of the electromagnetic SPACAL section according to the proposal
Newest sketch of the hadronic SPACAL section according to the proposal

Last updated: 10.10.1997 by Manfred Fleischer

Minor changes: 25.1.1999 by Jürgen Naumann