H1 Calorimeters: Introduction

The H1 Calorimeter group is a subgroup of about 150 physicists and technicians inside the H1 experiment, which is build for investigation of sub nuclear matter and the forces in between. This is done at HERA via deep inelastic collisions of protons and leptons. The task of calorimeters is to measure the energy of particles emerging from these collisions. In the central H1 detector we have four different calorimeters:
  • a liquid argon calorimeter (LAr) with high granularity, covering the forward and central region of H1,
  • a copper-silicon calorimeter located in the forward region close to the beam pipe, called PLUG,
  • a backward calorimeter, which has been in the first three years of H1 operation a conventional lead-scintillator sampling calorimeter (BEMC). In 1995 a new spaghetti calorimeter (SPACAL) has been implemented.
  • a hadron calorimeter inside the iron yoke for measuring hadrons passing all inner detectors, called therefore Tail Catcher (TC).